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Feb 18, 2013

Congrats to Jessica & Brennan, who welcomed sweet little Cora Bea a day short of Valentine’s Day!  Seeing my wedding clients become parents is a unique joy.  She’s beautiful you two!  (See their Iowa cornfield wedding here)

Just before Valentine’s Day, we took our first family vacation.  I had to be in Phoenix to help my friend Melissa shoot a wedding, so Hubby and Sloane joined me for the trip.  For all the gruff you hear about traveling with children, I have to say we had a great time.  Sloane is a tremendously easy-going kid, which certainly helps.  But we are seasoned travelers, so we knew what to anticipate and came into it well organized.  We also packed plenty of patience. Carrying on a one-year-old, all her supplies and my camera equipment certainly demanded it.


Waiting for our plane to be ready – in a snowstorm! – we had a little pizza at the airport.arizona-102 arizona-103

At the Tuzigoot Ruins. It was snowing in the mountains, but in the 60’s in Phoenix, hence Sloane in a winter coat and Hubby in shorts.  (photo by Melissa Schollaert)

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(us in the desert photos by Melissa Schollaert)

We drove up into the mountains to see the Tuzigoot Ruins, saw snow fall in the desert, ate at many a fine establishment, and checked out the Musical Instrument Museum.  Sloane loves music, so that was probably her favorite part.  While Mel and I were shooting, Hubby had Sloane all to himself and they visited the Hard Rock Cafe, Chase Field and shopped in Tempe.   It was a little cold by Arizona standards, but we still had a great time.  It’s always fun to hang out with Melissa.  And, I think the focused family time for us was wonderful.

The season finale of Downton Abbey was last night.  Oh my.  I don’t want to spoil anything, but you will be left with your mouth hanging open.  Not just by the plot, but with the incredible wit of Maggie Smith (or her scriptwriter rather).  The danger of that show is that I spend the whole next day thinking and mistakenly speaking as I were a resident of Downton.  Too appealing.

Girl Scout cookies have invaded the house.  I’ve eaten far more than my fair share already.  It’s an addiction – I fully admit.  I lack self-control around those things.

I’ve changed my gym schedule so that I now head out before the sun comes up for my usual hour of bootcamp.  It is just the most practical solution for using the day effectively.  I’m always happy and fine with it once I’m in the middle of it.  But getting up at 5:30am?  That part totally sucks.

A few fellow wedding pros started a lovely little home goods and wedding supplies shop called Pressed Cotton.  They have dozens of fun and beautiful things for you to incorporate into your celebration, and then keep in your home.  Check it out!  Personally, the “Mr. and Mrs.” pillows will be on my wish list.

I’m excited about the snow this week, with two engagement shoots on the calendar – both who were hoping for fresh powder.   Since we flew out at the beginning of the last snowstorm, I’ve been feeling a bit jipped from the fun “snowman” snow.

I think that’s about it for this installment.  Have a great week!


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