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Mar 4, 2013

We’ve been sizing up the calendar this past week for the year and there are still some great May and June dates available.  Usually Spring is so popular – this is catching me by surprise.  If you are planning a Spring wedding – don’t hesitate to email or call – there is a chance I’m open!  There are still several dates open in Summer & Fall as well – but they won’t last long.

I finished recapping all of the 2012 weddings last week, and that means that tomorrow the popular BEST OF 2012 contest is starting!  Get your voting fingers ready, and round up your supporters.  The 2012 couples will be vying for photo sessions and canvases, and we have something fun in store for the voters as well!

Check out last year’s contest here.

I’m really excited that the Third Ward is getting an upscale hotel.  As a business owner in the area, that is wonderful news, and I’m always on the side of the area thriving.  However, we already have a terrible parking situation there that limits businesses as it is.  There doesn’t seem to be any parking plan in place to support this new hotel, or replace the lot it is building on, and that is really concerning.

I recently finished watching “World Without End” on Netflix.  It was a five part mini-series produced by the BBC.  I LOVED the book (and it’s predecessor “Pillars of the Earth”), but the film version was a little lacking.  I think maybe there was just too much to cover in the time allotted.  There are so many plots and characters – you have to leave a lot out to get it done in five hours, and it ended up being confusing – even to someone who had read the book.  Granted, I watched it as I worked, so it didn’t have my rapt attention, but still disappointing.

More snow is on the way tomorrow!  I am always excited about snow.  It’s so beautiful, and so fleeting.  Of course, since it isn’t my job to remove it from the driveway, and my commute to work involves walking into my dining room – it is easy to be excited about it.  And, last week’s snow resulted in two fabulously gorgeous engagement shoots that I can’t wait to share with you.

I had the opportunity to have a makeup makeover by my favorite makeup artist, Jennifer Kessler at Blush (who also does the makeup on lots of my weddings) on Saturday.  It is so nice to feel a fresh look.  This is something that I think gets forgotten, as you get used to your routine.  I know I fall victim to that.  Treat yourself this Spring and give Jennifer a call!  You won’t be sorry.

I know the Oscars are a distant memory already, but Jennifer Lawrence’s post-win press conference interview is worth a watch.  Totally hilarious with her honest reactions to the press’ inane questions.

If you haven’t clicked over to the website lately, you should – I’ve given it a refresh with new pictures, info and a press page that is chock-full of all the features I’ve been fortunate enough to receive.

Baby Girl continues to become more fun each day.  She’s talking up a storm and has added “car”, “all done”, “baby” and “garden” to her vocabulary lately.  She doesn’t use any of these words consistently, but they are there.  Communication is truly the focus of each day – either frustration from an inability to do so or joy in the delight of getting her point across.  There are also plenty of times when she feels she is communicating effectively and goes on with long monologues that include gestures and inflection, but it’s all gobbledy gook to us.

A dose of Baby Girl sledding and making cookies during the snowstorm last week:

copyright m three studio.  DO NOT STEAL babygirl-snow--102 babygirl-snow--103

Have a great week!



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