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Jan 28, 2013

My heart has been heavy this weekend.  A fellow photographer lost her husband Saturday in an ice fishing accident.  I actually only know her thru a WI Photographers facebook group.  We’ve never even met, and yet I can’t shake this story.  Maybe because she and her husband are the same age as Hubby and me.  Maybe because their love story is so apparent and clear from even a glance at her facebook page.  Maybe it is the sudden nature of the way her life has changed forever.  I can’t imagine waking up one morning with a husband and by that evening having him gone forever.  Jim was an experienced fisherman and owned a business guiding anglers on Lake Superior, where he had fished all his life.  Hannah is a wonderful photographer, and gained worldwide recognition for this photo she took of a man and his dog.   Two people living their passions.  Please take a moment to send your prayers, thoughts and positive energy Hannah’s way.  Our photographer’s group started a donation site if you would like to contribute to help with expenses.  Money is never a fix for something like this, but it feels like a way to send some love (and you’ll see just how incredible this photo community is when you realize that total has been reached in less than 48 hours).

We took Baby Girl bowling yesterday for the first time.  My parents joined us and we had such a blast.  She just pushed her ball down the lanes, but did manage to hit a few.  Bowling is something I grew up sharing with my grandparents and parents, so it was fun to pass this along to her as well.  As with all things she had a blast.  And, my Dad taught me how to throw a hook, so that will come in handy should we ever join a league like we talk about doing.

Speaking of Baby Girl, we officially have a walker. On Saturday morning she took off from the couch by choice, and waddled her way around a few toys and all the way into her bedroom.  She knew precisely what she had done and looked to us for praise with an excited look on her face.  It is so strange to see her toddling about now, but also so fun.  Time to buy some shoes!

My pal Melissa came to visit last weekend.  She must really like us to have left the warmth and sunshine of Arizona for the single digit temps of grey Wisconsin in January.  She froze her butt off, but we had a great time.  We had a lot of great food, got up crazy early to photograph the ice flows on Lake Michigan (so worth it!), took the Miller Brewery tour, and introduced her to custard.  Great week!

Really sad to see the show “Private Practice” go.  The ending wasn’t too cheesy, but certainly lacked the drama we are accustomed to.  A nice tie up, but I’d rather see another season!

One of the places we took Melissa to was a restaurant owned by clients of mine, The Shanty.  It’s just over the border into Illinois on Hwy 41.  Dimitri and a couple of his signature dishes were featured on “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives“.  But this place is no dive – the food is wonderful, and so is the service.  Check it out for something different, and be sure to get the goat cheese wontons.

Gotta run, hope you have a great week!

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