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Sep 17, 2012

Recovering from a double wedding weekend today.  Thankfully, these “double headers” have gotten easier over the years (in no small thanks to my workouts I assure you), but it is still an emotional and creative drain.  Both weddings were truly excellent though, and at two of my favorite venues; Lake Park Bistro and Whistling Straits.  Big Congrats to Shannon and Corbin and Lynnea and Jason!

Baby Girl attended her first kid’s birthday party for her little friend Wren.  I was sad to miss out, but she and Hubby had a great time reportedly.  I got a few pictures by text from Hubby of her playing with the littles.  Melts my heart.

I finally finished the curtains for Baby Girl’s room a couple of weeks ago. This is a project I started before she was born, and she turned 8 months last week.  Yeah, they aren’t that fancy – it’s just hard to find time at the sewing machine.  They look pretty charming if I do say so myself.

Hubby and I had a last-minute opportunity to attend last Thursday’s Packer game.  I’ve actually never been to a game, and we’ve always intended to go.  But by the time life usually slows down enough to think about attending, the games are so cold they don’t seem that appealing.  So, on Thursday we switched gears on a moment’s notice and went.  It. Was. Awesome.  I loved it!   I told Hubby it was like being inside the television.  It was.  Thanks to our friend Dave for catching the flu and not being able to go.  :0)

iphone 5.  Yes, please.

I stumbled across this episode of The Talk last week.  The hosts all appeared without any makeup, and their real hair. Very brave.  And so real.  Loved it!

Just found out today that one of my favorite brunch spots (also a great wedding venue), Roots has closed.  I wish I had known, I would have gone back one last time for their Waffles Monte Cristo.  Yum!

Are you free Thursday night?  Clear your calendar and come visit me and a whole bunch of top-notch wedding pros at the Whitefish Bay Bridal Walk.  Stroll down their charming downtown streets and be sure to stop in Susan Fredman At Home.  I’ll be in the back by all the great food (courtesy of Kasanna Concierge Gourmet), showing off albums and chatting about weddings!

Have a great week!

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