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Jun 11, 2012

My pal Sarah is one of those people that seems to effortlessly show up flawlessly dressed and accessorized.  Whenever I know she’s going to be at a party I’m going to, I find myself going the extra mile to look good.  Not that I even stand a chance at competing, because I’ll think I’m dressed great and then I see Sarah, and she’s come up with something I would have never even thought of.  So, this is why I’m so glad she has finally started a style blog.  Now I can peek in on her outfits all the time, and maybe, just maybe, a little of that style prowess will rub off on me.  Check it out!

My Aunt Betty has been coming over once a week to hang out with baby girl for awhile now.  It works out well – I get some focused working time, she gets to play with baby girl.  She’s gone on vacation the next few weeks, and we miss her already around here.  Hurry back Aunt Betty!

Hubby’s Fundraiser was a great success.  Attendance was huge, everyone had an incredible time, Chasin’ Mason put on a great concert, and he raised way more money than he did last year.  On top of a ramping up fireworks season he and his staff somehow throw this event together amidst the craziness, and it’s always impressive to see what hard work, dedication and passion can create.  Thank you to everyone who attended, donated and helped spread the word!  I even saw former clients, Patrick and Sarah, there, along with their sweet kids!

Baby Girl had a great time at the fundraiser as well.  She charmed everyone at the cookout, met her new friend (just born!) sweet Olivia, and slept right thru the fireworks.  We had so many family and friends there, it was always a challenge to figure out who she was hanging out with at any one moment.  But it was a joy to see everyone enjoy our daughter so much, and for her to smile right back.

I find myself with some spare time this month, and since I’m a fireworks widow, I can really focus on some specific projects while Hubby works his crazy hours.  I’ve been trying to keep the list manageable.  So I’m thinking I’ll work on the secret project (oh, you forgot about that, did you?), updating the website, ripping out all of the crazy vegetation in our forrest backyard, finishing baby girl’s curtains for her room, and finally getting her birth announcement sent out.  It’s not too late if she’s going on six months, right?

The election is over, and we can all finally stop getting junk mail and random phone calls from Madison.  I’m hoping for a little political breather before the Presidential Election.

Last year at this time I was on Jekyll Island, GA for a wedding.  I shot a ton of personal work there, and I still haven’t found time to edit it.  So sad.

Happy 35th wedding anniversary to my in-laws today!  Hubby and I are lucky to have such strong examples of marriage in our parents.

The week ahead suddenly seems very busy with engagement shoots, baby shoots, viewing parties, celebrating Father’s Day and so much else.

Have a great week!

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