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Aug 23, 2010

It is currently 7:30am and I am up and on the computer already.  I’ve been up since 6:45.  This alone I believe, is proof I love my husband.  Why am I up at such a ridiculous hour?  (Yes, to me, anything before 8 is early) Because we bought new living room furniture recently, and his new recliner is being delivered “sometime between 7am and 9am” and I knew he was tired.  It’s too bad the rest of the furniture is special order – and won’t come for a month or two – because I’m sure I”ll be up early again.  Morning person I am not, but Hubby is so excited about his new recliner.

Saturday was a lovely, beautiful wedding for Julia & Dave.  They had  amazing light, the rain held off, and their wedding party was just downright fantastic.  Congrats you two!

If you  missed Kari & Curt’s engagement session that I posted on Saturday, be sure to scroll down.

Hubby and I officially became Godparents yesterday.  I have to admit the ceremony was sort of disappointing.  In the Methodist faith (where I was raised) the godparents get to be a part of the whole baptism thing.  For Lutherans it turns out, we just stand there and answer three questions.  Oh yes, and I held a candle.  That’s it.  Little Ethan was a total champ though and was quiet and peaceful thru the whole service, despite the lack of air conditioning.  Oh and yes, if you know Hubby at all, you know the day was full of “The Godfather” references.

We finally checked one of our movies off our list – we saw “Despicable Me” last night.  It was hilarious.  Truly funny, charming and entertaining.  The little minions are as cute and amusing as you expect them to be.  The celebrity voices for the characters are well used, and well disguised. The animation is great, the storytelling is even better.  I’m picky about animated movies – but this one was fantastic.  I highly recommend!  Now, I just need to get to Toy Story 3 and Inception.  I know Hubby won’t go to Eat, Pray , Love, but that is on the list too.

The preview for Rapunzel (it’s called “Tangled”) was shown before our movie last night, and I am so dissapointed.  For one, this was supposed to be a hand-drawn film originally, helmed by the incomparable Glen Keane.  The preview I saw was computer animated, the characters felt more than flat, and the story was positively deflated sounding.  So sad.  Disney really needs to get it together in this department.  They used to be the best storytellers on the planet, not to mention the best animators.  Now, they hope their association with Pixar will carry the rest of their films – not so.

Hubby ordered some “Scott Walker for Govenor” signs.  Seeing as how we live on a cul-de-sac, just one is enough to advertise to the meager ten people who drive by our house.  So, if you are so inclined in your voting and you would like a Scott Walker sign, let us know – we have extras!

I bought a box of 64 crayola crayons a week or so ago.  I always loved the school supply shopping trip as a kid, and we were never allowed to get the “big box” of crayons.  Making this one little purchase for myself gave me such joy that day.  But now they sit on my desk mocking me.  I used to color in coloring books in college as a stress reliever, and if you attend a family function on my Mother-in-law’s side, you’ll often find me and Aunt Shelli, sharing a coloring book, happy as clams. Weird, I know, but it is a lovely little stress-relief activity, I swear.  I think the only coloring book I have is christmas-themed though.  I’ll have to remedy that.

My pal Jamie and I have started a little project.  We are having dinner once a week (because if it isn’t scheduled, we might not see each other), and we have decided to work our way thru the alphabet, and choose a new restaurant every week that starts with that week’s letter, and it has to be a place that is new to us.  Last week was A, and we ended up at Apollo Cafe on Brady Street.  Very good, and the first true Greek Food (festivals don’t count) experience for us both.  We thought it might be fun to blog about our experiences – what do you think?  Would you read a blog about two girls exploring what Milwaukee has to offer?

Have a great week!

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