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Oct 10, 2011

Go Brewers!  Hubby and I were at yesterday’s playoff game and I have to admit – it was so exciting, even from the “cheap seats”.   The mood is totally different at these playoff games – the whole stadium pays attention to every single pitch.  No joke.  They cheer for every strikeout. It’s incredible.  The 5th inning was crazy exciting!

My pal Craig shared this article by the Denver Post about our recent sports prowess here in Wisco – it’s a fun read – click on over.

Before the game on Sunday, I got to hangout with members of one of my favorite client families – the Foremans.  Melissa and Simon brought their sweet little girl Emily to the studio for a baby shoot.  She was so much fun, so delightful and so easy to shoot – what a joy it was to see them all!  I wish we had been able to go out to lunch afterwards so we could have chatted longer.

Speaking of photo sessions – there is a little room in the calendar right now, and it’s downright gorgeous outside.  So, if you were thinking you’d like some pictures of the kids, or of your family – for holiday cards or just because – now is the time to hit me up for a session!

My pal Jamie and I are having our regular bi-weekly dinner tonight and we are on letter U.  (Almost done with the alphabet!)  The only “U” restaurant I can find in Milwaukee is Umami Moto, and technically I’ve been there before, which breaks our rule of our selections needing to be a new experience.   Any suggestions out there?

Oh yeah, the Packers won too!  Undefeated – what a difference from last year!  Wisconsin sports really seem to be under a lucky star right now.

Both Hubby and I have been battling separate colds for a few weeks.  Well, I’ve had mine for a few weeks (they last longer when you can’t take anything), Hubby has had his for about a week.  We are quite the pair.  My ears are all stuffed up and I can’t hear anything, he has the head cold blues.  At least my cough finally took a hike!

Baby Girl update: not much.  But we did start discussing her nursery this last week.  It’s something we’ve been putting off until wedding season slowed down.  I can see already how the whole “nesting” thing could take hold and be a pretty fierce force around here.  I’ll be one of those ladies maniacally cleaning over and over in no time I’m sure.

Because every post is better with a few pictures (and Ringo!), here are a few snaps from my iphone recently:

Top Row l-r: Ringo’s three essentials as lined up by him (I swear!) – water, food and the green bone (known around here as “the precious”), our little Packer Backer, Ringo helping out at m three studio.

Bottom Row l-r: the view from our seats at yesterday’s playoff game, us after the game – basking in the glow of another Brewer’s win, a funny onsie I saw, but didn’t buy.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the passing of Steve Jobs.  I’m a long-time Apple devotee, but I don’t think you have to be a fan to appreciate the visionary he was.  The world is far less creative, innovative and bold without him.  His legacy will be felt for generations.  I saw something on Twitter that mentioned what a testament to him it was that most learned of his passing on a device he invented.  So true.  Rest in Peace, Steve.

Have a great week!

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