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Oct 3, 2011

It was a sports-lover’s heaven in Wisconsin this weekend.  For those of you who are outside our lovely state – the Badgers, the Packers and the Brewers all had big games this weekend.  And, they all won!  (In a big way, I might add)  I did a pretty good job keeping up with each game during my travels this weekend, and made it into the car on the way home to catch the last two innings on the radio of the Brewer’s second playoff game.  Hubby got to attend the Badger game and Sunday’s Brewer’s game – lucky duck!  The whole state feels like it is in a state of euphoria today.

Baby Update:  Baby girl is doing a rare afternoon somersault routine right now as I type.  Seriously, feeling her move around is one of the coolest things.  As Hubby said last night: “I wish I could bottle up what that feels like.”  Indeed.  There isn’t much else to report – she’s still growing, and so am I.

I’ve been on the hunt for maternity jeans that don’t commit a number of crimes that they all seem to be guilty of: pockets in back too low, ‘pouchy’ front area, tummy panel too low (leaving you constantly checking your shirt for coverage), no pockets in back, hideously flared, not made of real denim to start with, total lack of any sort of hip/waist area.  I gave up the other weekend and just bought some skinny jeans from H&M that have a low enough rise to work – but they keep falling down a bit and need constant hiking up.  Perhaps I have discovered a hole in the market….

Today I put the suitcase in the basement.  I’ve really enjoyed my month of travel, but I have to admit it feels good to know I’ll be home for awhile.  Iowa was beautiful and fun, as was Madison, and both weddings were filled with love, joy, cornfields, changing colors and blue skies this past weekend.  Our drive up to Madison from Iowa was particularly beautiful as there is more fall color over on that side of the state already.

It’s hard to believe it is October already!  September went so quickly – too quickly.  But good things are coming.  Sometime this month we will be welcoming a brand-new nephew.  I can’t wait to meet him!  Seeing Ethan as a big brother is going to be a special treat as well.

Ringo and I are headed outside to get a little yard-work done on this fine day.   Have a great week!

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