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Sep 26, 2011

Thanks to everyone’s kind words and wishes on our little announcement last week.  You are all so kind!  Every message, comment and wish just added to our excitement!  We are thrilled to welcome our first child. I’m actually looking forward to wedding season winding down a bit so we can get some of our preparations accomplished.

Baby girl has already done a lot of traveling in her short life – she’s been with me since Jen & Shane’s wedding in North Carolina.  So, by our calculations she’s been on trips to seven different states so far.  If you count layovers and driving thru states, it would be more.  This last week we had a fantastic time in Seattle shooting an engagement session for Kristen & Eric.  Those two are great tour guides and managed to squeeze in most of their Seattle favorites into 24 hours.

Just one more trip left to Iowa this weekend for Jessica & Brennan’s wedding  and then out to Madison for Katie & Khaled’s wedding, and then I’m a local for awhile, and the suitcase can finally go back in storage.  And Ringo can finally stop giving me that look – the one that breaks my heart to leave him.

Hubby and I had a little date night and saw “Horrible Bosses” the other night.  Super funny!  We ate at Graffito too.  We’ve been there before, but often forget about it as an option.  So good!  Seriously.  It should be in regular rotation in our restaurant file.

The “Doors Open Milwaukee” event looked like it was really  neat.  Sad we didn’t get to partake, there were lots of cool buildings to explore over the weekend.  Hopefully it  becomes an annual event.

Thank goodness TV is back!

How about those Brewers?  I’m seriously so proud of them for clinching the Central Division title!  I got out of the airport on Friday night pretty much just in time to hear the win happen on the radio. So exciting!  I can’t wait for playoff games.

Hubby and I are starting to work on our “baby needs” list.  If anyone has recommendations for strollers, car seats and such – let us know!  Particularily if you are a on-the-go, travel-all-the-time sort of parent!  We’ve had our eyes peeled for months at public events, watching people navigate things with their kids, so we have some ideas so far.

Paul Simon is coming to Milwaukee.  I’m a fan – not a crazy fan – but a fan.  It seems like this is someone you should see live in your life.  Tickets go on sale this Friday!

Have a great week!

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