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Jul 25, 2011

This week’s miscellaneous is going to be fast and brief – I have to be out of my office in the next 15 minutes.  Eep!

So much happening this weekend!  To start things off, it’s County Fair week around here.  I’m a Superintendent with the Racine County Fair (one of the best county fairs in the state), so my Mom and I have spent much of our weekend cleaning, sweeping, organizing, setting up display units and working with fair entrants.  Today we have judging for our area – arts & crafts.  We have a new judge this year, which we are excited about – keeping my fingers crossed he turns out to be great.  Last year’s judge was a bit of a disaster (it happens) and we lost a lot of entrants this year because of that.  No matter how it all turns out, I do love this opportunity to work on a project with my Mom and get some extra time with her.

This weekend was also the Tough Mudder.  I can’t tell you how much I wanted to do this obstacle course/race.  There was a big team at my gym doing it, and a few other friends were signed up for it as well.  Since it conflicted with my fair duties, I couldn’t go.  I’m seeing their pictures and the videos and it looks like it was SO MUCH FUN.  Next year, for sure!  If you’d like to check it out (besides clicking on the website above) you can go here, for the Journal Sentinel’s article and a little video, though in my opinion, they made it look a little too tame and heroic.

Hubby and I did get out for a little mini-date night and checked out Festa Italiana.  We even got to watch the fireworks.  I can’t remember the last time Hubby got to actually watch a fireworks show that he wasn’t putting on himself.  Nice time. Most of the booths weren’t super active at night, but there was a huge lego display with this incredible model of Miller Park – it was so detailed!  There were sausages, reporters, restaurants, and the roof even moved!


Last week I judged at State Fair – they complete their judging a few weeks before the fair actually opens.  I did Photography one day and Arts & Crafts the next.  I had such a great time, especially with the photography.  It made me really miss teaching, there were so many entrants there, eager to learn from what the judges said.

This week kicks off the final marathon of weddings for the season.  I’ve had it a bit easy this July with so many personal commitments filling up the calendar.  But we are right back into the swing of things with Christa & Jason at Whistling Straits this Saturday!

We had a fun little scare with Ringo last night.  (Fun being a bit sarcastic there)  He accidentally ate one of my vitamins.  So, a lot of worrying and a $65 call to the Animal Poison Control center later – all’s good.  No harm in a dog getting a little extra Omega-3s it turns out.  Whew!

Sorry there aren’t any pictures or fun quips for you this week.  I’m off to the fair!  But there is a spectacular Destination Wedding coming up on the blog this week!  Stay tuned!

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  1. emilyr

    July 25th, 2011 at 1:57 pm

    i always worry that i’m going to drop medicine on the floor and one of the animals is going to eat it! Glad Ringo is ok 🙂

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