Miscellaneous Monday


Nov 29, 2010

I hope everyone had a fantastic Turkey Day.  We managed to hit up three celebrations with relative ease, and only ate twice.  Not bad!

I’m not a fan of the Black Friday craziness – that many grabby people makes me positively crazy.  It is a huge primal pet peeve of mine – grabby people.  UGh!  I went to one store, they didn’t have what I came for, and even if they did, I don’t know that I could have tolerated the crazy long line.   I’ll stick to shopping in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week, when stores are empty, thank you.

In related stories – Cyber Monday is a huge disappointment today.  10% off is not a “great deal” retailers.

Hubby picked up the hot new toy this year a couple of weeks ago – the Xbox Kinnect (his own Xbox has been limping to a slow death for months).  This thing is really awesome – you stand in front of your tv, and your video person does everything you do.  The fitness game is going to be top of my holiday list.

My family’s annual Cookie Day was last weekend, and now there are boxes of cookies in the kitchen.  I need to find a better hiding place for them. I have no willpower around that stuff.

We saw “Due Date” over the weekend with some friends.  It is a truly hilarious movie.  If you are looking for something a bit mindless that you can just go and laugh your pants off – this is the ticket.

How awesome is it that the Badgers are so close to getting a ticket to the Rose Bowl?  Seriously, the last few games have had such crazy high scores – I really wish we had been at them, just to watch Bucky do that many pushups.  I’m also jealous of anyone with Rose Bowl plans already in place.  I got to see the Rose Bowl parade one year when I lived in California.  It is fun and gorgeous, but a lot smaller in person.  And getting back to the Rose Bowl flea market (one of my favorite Cali past times) is high on my list of to-do.

I’m excited to hang with some friends this weekend that I made at the Italy Workshop.  We are all meeting in Chicago for a mini-reunion.  Of course we will do a little shooting, and I’m renting a film camera I’ve been wanting to give a spin just for the occasion.  I can’t wait!

I hope you have a great week!

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