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Nov 1, 2010

First things first – if you missed the big announcement last week – scroll down!  One of the secret projects we’ve been working on (though not THE secret project), was finally announced.  We have a new company! Check out Friday’s post for all the details.

With this new company has been many other developments.  Hubby now obsessively checks our website and facebook fan page a hundred times a day.  We are close to our current goal of 350 likes on facebook – help us out if you aren’t a fan already.   We sold our first prints over the weekend, and that was really exciting.  Here’s hoping there are lots more!

Halloween was different this year.  Last year we spent it in an English Pub in Rome, with a bunch of foriegn exchange students.  This year, we had two parties to attend (non-halloween) and then we hit up Whiskey Bar for awhile.  Hubby wore a pathetic costume of “softball player” (read, his softball uniform, still dirty from Thursday night) and I went sans-costume (there just hasn’t been time).  Dangerous, I know, as some people go out that night and you have to wonder – “Is that their normal going out attire, or is it a costume?”   Hopefully no one thought that of me.  The people watching at Whiskey bar was great – a lot of really creative and in-depth costumes, and tons of variety.

Speaking of costumes….Ladies: Halloween is not an excuse to be slutty and get away with it.  It’s amazing how many versions of a seemingly innocuous choice can be made slutty.  We saw slutty versions of  just about every possible character and animal, and some things that weren’t characters – lucky charms girl, I’m talking to you. Dressing that way on Halloween isn’t a free pass.  You still look slutty, and it still reflects on you as a person.  Sorry, but someone has to say it.

I was finally home for trick-or-treating this year.  We had a good showing too.  Since we live on a cul-de-sac, many of the kids pass us by and stick to the straight streets.  We had maybe 30 kids total.  Ringo had a great time greeting them all.

Our nephew Ethan showed up for a little trick or treating too. He was super cute dressed as a pumpkin.  I’m a bad auntie and didn’t take any pictures, so you’ll have to take my word for it.   Admittedly, this was mostly a treat.

This week is my last wedding of the year.  It is going to be an awesome one, and I’m really looking forward to going out with a bang, so to speak.  I was way saner this year – and only shot 30 or so, but I’m still tired and ready for a break.

I was really dissapointed in the winner of Project Runway.  I thought Gretchen’s collection was boring and blah. I wouldn’t wear much of Mondo’s collection, but I thought it was a great show.   A lot of people seem to be upset she won, and I think it is because of her personality/attitude on the show.  It is so hard to know if someone has been edited to look or sound a certain way.  But she blatantly bashed people during personal interviews, and was nice to them in person – not sure that can be blamed on editing.   Though I do agree with her statement that a strong, independent woman can often be mis-perceived as witchy or snobby.   If she was a guy, we wouldn’t think that.  Anyway….

My pal Timm put this on his blog last week, and I thought it was worth sharing.  Apparently, some ad creative thinks non-coastal states are beneath them.  I hate the term fly-over, and VW, you need to have a stern talk with your ad agency, because this is so not cool (watch for the license plate in the ad):

Check out the video here.

Have a great week!


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  1. Amanda

    November 4th, 2010 at 7:04 pm

    Oh, I was SOOOO disappointed that Gretchen won. I couldn’t STAND her and her clothes were what I referred to as “Phylicia Rashaad Pajamas” from Cosby Show circa 1987.


  2. admin

    November 4th, 2010 at 7:05 pm

    Oh Amanda, I love that Cosby show reference!

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