Milwaukee Third Ward Engagement Session | Heidi & Ron


Aug 14, 2017

They met among the rolling hills and endless roads of a group bike tour in Estonia.  He had a gentle nature she appreciated, she was full of wit and maybe a splash of sass, which kept him on his toes.  They were both connected back in Chicago; to other loves.  Friends they became, and pedaled on through the years.  The time wore on and still finding themselves gliding past one another on bike trips that require passports, feeling the fine breeze in their faces, and the long nights of wine and conversation surrounding them; circumstances had changed.  He wondered if she was really interested, and available.  She flirted with the idea that he was, and tried to leave the option on the table.  And then there was the night when her travelling friend went to bed early, and there was some wine, and the cool night air, and the stars overhead, and a kiss…


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