Milwaukee Farm Engagement Session | Casey & Jake


Jul 26, 2017

When you are in high school, getting the attention of the guy is a little round-a-bout.  You flirt, you take the long route, you find ways to be where she might be.  You plan outfits, figure out ways to be interested, choose just the right hair style to appear effortless.  Only to have it all fall apart with some teenage misstep that leaves you vulnerable, exposed and embarrassed.  That is pretty much how it went for Casey and Jake.  They intersected and flitted around each other for awhile in school.  Each aware of the other, possibly interested, not sure how to make it known.  And then he invited her to his father’s house for a get-together.  She arrived in her parent’s car and promptly got it stuck in the snowy driveway.   As in, “hey, I need some help from a tow truck” stuck.  Casey’s cheeks had to have been flushed at the mistake.  I mean here she finally had Casey’s attention and she’s gone and beached her car.   Lucky for Casey, Jake found the whole ordeal charming, and still recounts the incident as his favorite memory of her to this day.   And so, the two high-school sweethearts are tying the knot, building a home, and starting a new life together.


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