Milwaukee Family Photographer | Melissa, Dave, Emma & Evelyn


Jul 14, 2017

I met Dave first.  I was a bit reluctant to, actually.  He was one of the trainers at a gym I belong to, and his profile picture was a little….scary. After one workout, I came to understand the picture was actually funny, as he’s a kind and thoughtful person who really enjoys helping people.  He was also someone who in the early years I knew him always declared he’d never be a parent.  I remember finding that surprising in my mind, as it was clear he’d be a great father.  Melissa is a fellow photographer who I knew “online” first and then started sweating along side her at the aforementioned gym.  We quickly bonded over our shared profession, motherhood, and workouts.  Fast forward several years later and suddenly life has taken a fun twist for these two.  Melissa’s living a healthy lifestyle she adores, thanks to Dave.  And Dave finds himself filling a “Man Mom” (as Melissa dubs him) role, and simply loving his life with two young ladies and their wonderful Mom.

It’s funny how the road changes, isn’t it?

When Melissa asked to do a photoshoot to commemorate Emma turning 13, and maybe also capture some “new family” photos, I jumped at the opportunity to document friends, their bonds, and this chapter in their lives.


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