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Sep 14, 2012

His phone buzzed on the kitchen counter.  He glanced at it, yawned and decided to check it later, after the coffee had filled his cup.  It had been a long night at the computer, completing design homework, and he wasn’t ready for communication, even if it was virtual.  The coffee dripped slowly into his cup.  He would swear some mornings it took longer than others.  The phone buzzed again, inching closer to the edge of the counter with the vibration.  He ignored it, focusing on the coffee.   Finally, the cup was full and he took a long wonderful drink – breathing in the aroma and willing the caffeine to do its job.  The phone buzzed again, this time teetering off the edge.  He dove for it and took a look.  “Do you want to meet me for some Donuts?”  He blinked.  It couldn’t be.  He looked to the sender.  It was.  It was her.  Shannon, his childhood sweetheart.  It had been years since they talked.  She had moved away with her family, ending their morning runs for donuts on the way to school.  He wasn’t sure if it was the caffeine or the message, but he was suddenly very awake, and looking forward to what the day held.

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