Mequon Engagement Session | Nicolette & Jason


Jun 30, 2016

He shook his head and started the car.  He cranked up the radio and pointed himself South.  He was headed back to Florida, just weeks after he had moved to New York.  He laughed a bit to himself.  That girl was magnetic.  He could feel her pull even from here, thousands of miles away.  He had known it the moment he saw her, beaming blue eyes laughing over a can of Miller Lite.  He had teased her about her choice in beer, only to find out it was a matter of hometown pride.  They had talked all night, then exchanged numbers.  Their contact was sporadic over the next few weeks as school finished up for the year, and graduation loomed for him.  He thought he caught her wipe away a tear when he said he already had plans to move.  He had forced himself to let her go, to drive away, to continue on the path he had started on.  But the detour he had been shown bothered him, and he had to go back and explore.  And so, he was on his way to Florida, to follow the girl.  There was no turning back now, and he knew he would follow her anywhere. 

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