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Sep 11, 2013



Their “togetherness” was sort of assumed.  They had just sort of fallen together after high school. Dancing around each other a bit in those school days, and then later a morning breakfast at her parents’ house had shown her just how easily Eric had already grown into the spaces in her daily life.  Now, many years later, it was still in the everyday moments that she saw the most love.  Dinner on the deck, painting the basement of his home, hanging out with her family.  It didn’t matter how “everyday” the task was, if they were doing it together, she relished it.  

This was why, on this random Friday, when he sent her out to the truck to fetch a shopping bag, she didn’t think anything of it.  She grabbed their boxer puppy and the two retrieved the small black bag from the front seat.  She thought she recognized it – she thought it was from the jewelry store where they had designed her engagement ring.  She shook the idea from her head.  It couldn’t be today.  She came in the house.  “I don’t know why you wanted that bag, it’s empty.” she told him, maybe a little huffily.  He smirked.  “Oh, I must have left it on the coffee table then”.   As she walked into the family room, she realized she knew.  The way you just know what is about to happen.  Looking towards the coffee table and the little tray of dirt they kept there as their own zen garden, she saw she was right.  There, on the little toy bulldozer – a shining engagement ring.  And next to her, a smiling Eric. 


meleric-2 seven seas wedding-

I have to admit,  shooting Melissa & Eric’s engagement session, and soon their wedding, is special to me.  I’ve known Melissa since she was a toddler.  I was her nursery school teacher at church.  She is now Baby Girl’s nanny.  Her Mom and my Mom are pretty much best friends.  It feels sort of like a family wedding to me.  Melissa’s mom has always been game to help out with any of my crazy projects, especially the ones we concocted for our wedding.  So, it is an honor to return that favor.  It’s been really fun to have a front-row seat to all the planning.  I can’t wait to see it all come together. meleric-5 meleric-6 meleric-4 meleric_3 meleric_2 meleric- meleric_5


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