Mackie & David’s Love Story


Jan 3, 2019

She was an Australian transplant, studying acting at an American college. He was a classic Midwestern guy, looking to make his way on the stage.  They were cast opposite each other as husband and wife, which didn’t ignite sparks, but did forge a friendship.  When the show ended, he found himself looking for an excuse to hang out with her.  She provided one when she invited him over to help her with a script she was writing.  She proved herself more adept at living a romantic comedy than writing one when he showed up to help and was invited into a room full of candles and twinkle lights.  Romantic, no doubt.  But Mackie just smiled big and professed her love of the ambiance they created.  David shook his head and realized he’d have to work a bit harder.  One script turned into another play, a cast party turned into a gathering out, and the clueless Mackie was still completely unaware of David’s admiration and interest.  So he finally asked.  First for a date, then for a relationship, and then, one dusky winter evening on a bluff on Lake Michigan; for a marriage.  It was then, shivering in her boots as the Wisconsin wind whipped her hair, a sparkly diamond dangling on her finger, that Mackie realized she had been living a movie.  Now it was time to write the sequel.


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