Lora Ann & Craig | Colorado Engagement


Aug 7, 2012

They had met over tequila and jalepenos, as she liked to say.  An office party she wasn’t supposed to be at turned into a long night of chatting and then an impulsive kiss.  Just like that, she woke up one morning without a boyfriend and the next one with one.  They quickly fell into a routine of life together.  Dogs, houses, trips and new experiences filled their days.  After awhile the wait set in.  Something had to be coming along to push them over the next hilltop and onto marriage.  And then one night, strolling on the beach outside Ballyclough castle, Craig gave the push, just as impulsively has he had given that first kiss.  “So, are you going to marry me or not?”

Lora Ann and Craig live just outside of Denver -what a beautiful place!  We had a great time visiting some of their favorite haunts and getting some fun pictures besides.  Travelers at heart, their destination wedding in Charleston, SC was just last weekend – stay tuned to the blog to see all of that unfold soon!

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