Laura & Matt | Engagement


Apr 29, 2015


She checked over her look one last time in the mirror.  She fussed with her hair a bit and wished her Marquette sweatshirt came in something more fashionable.  ‘Ah, well’ she thought to herself.  ‘It’s a basketball game, who cares?’  She headed for the door, giving Lucy a pat on the head as she went down the hallway.  “Ready Babe?” Matt asked her from the kitchen.  “Yeah, let’s go!” she replied enthusiastically.  He joined her by the door.  “Did you forget anything?” he asked.  “No” she replied, rather absentmindedly.  “Are you sure?” he questioned.  She looked up.  “Yes, I’m…..” she trailed off.  He was kneeling there with a ring in his hand.  “Oh, my!” she exclaimed, and a smile spread across his face. 

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