Lake Park Bistro Wedding | Shannon & Corbin


Feb 20, 2013

Lake Park Bistro

Cute.  That would be the obvious word to describe Shannon & Corbin’s daytime wedding at Lake Park Bistro.  If you peel back the layers of charming stationery, thoughtful amenities, beautiful florals and humorous toasts, you’ll find that it was actually enviably romantic.  Their story is one from a romance novel.  They met on the first day of kindergarten and Corbin came home that day to tell his Mom he met the girl he was going to marry.  That girl was Shannon.  Many years, two moves, college and a happenstance reconnection later, he did.

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Shannon & Corbin –  It was such a delight to get to know you both, your story, and your friends and family.  Your day put a permanent smile on my face – there was just happy all around.  May your marriage be the same way – always bringing a smile to your face.  Thanks so much for including m three studio in your plans!


Ceremony Venue: Lake Park Bistro

Reception Venue: Lake Park Bistro

Florist: Sendiks’

DJ: Sound By Design

Makeup & Hair: Indulge Studios

Bride’s Gown: Mori Lee

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: J. Hjelm

Tent: Canopies

Linens: BBJ Linens

Stationery: Designed by the Groom


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