Lake Park Bistro Wedding | Raechael & Matthew


Jan 16, 2014


When I first met Raechael and Matt, I was impressed by their careful plans.  They seemed to know just what mattered most to them, how they wanted that carried thru their wedding day, and exactly how to accomplish it all.  As the weeks went by, Raechael proved to be an organized and level-headed bride.  I remember sitting on the riverfront, sipping beers and talking about how the dress shop had ordered her dress in the wrong size, how it would be cutting it close to get the right one in time.  She was unfazed.  And when I arrived on her wedding day, everything was marching along according to plan.  Getting ready, first look, arrival at Lake Park Bistro….check, check, check.  Until, that is, it came time for the ceremony.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  I’ll pick this story back up in a second.

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The ceremony was all set up, beautifully, on the terrace behind the restaurant.  Guests started to seat themselves and a few sprinkles threatened.  Everyone looked to the sky, to the weather reports on their phone.  We had time.  The music started.  And then the skies opened up.  Downpour.  That too seemed to pass quickly.  The staff at Lake Park Bistro started drying off seats.  And then the rain began in earnest.  Sort of a “oh, you didn’t understand my warning?  Here you go!”.


It was at this moment that Raechael and Matt’s true strength shone so brightly and cut right thru the rain.


They sent their guests inside to be seated and their equally unflappable officiant sprung to action.  She quickly crafted a personal and emotional private ceremony on the terrace, in the rain.  Moments later, we were assembled in the restaurant and having a wedding ceremony right in the dining room.  Thru it all, Raechael smiled and Matt held her hand reassuringly…..

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Every marriage gets tested at some point.  For Raechael and Matt, that time came before their marriage even began.  I smiled as I realized they had already learned an invaluable lesson:  Cling tightly to one another, and you can weather any storm.

And then, there was a really great party to celebrate.  (And of course, the sun came out!)

Lake_park_bistro_wedding_4 Lake_park_bistro_wedding--6Lake_park_bistro_wedding-3 Lake_park_bistro_wedding-2 Lake_park_bistro_wedding--7 Lake_park_bistro_wedding--8 Lake_park_bistro_wedding_3Lake_park_bistro_wedding--9Lake_park_bistro_wedding-_-17Lake_park_bistro_wedding_24Lake_park_bistro_wedding-_-19Lake_park_bistro_wedding-_Lake_park_bistro_wedding_5Lake_park_bistro_wedding-_2 Lake_park_bistro_wedding-_-20 Lake_park_bistro_wedding-_-18 Lake_park_bistro_wedding_25Lake_park_bistro_wedding--16 Lake_park_bistro_wedding--15 Lake_park_bistro_wedding-6 Lake_park_bistro_wedding-_3

The Credits:

Ceremony Venue: Lake Park Bistro

Reception Venue: Lake Park Bistro

Florist: Belle Fiori

Officiant: Reverend Jennifer Miller

Cake: Simmas

Makeup: Natural Radiance 

Hair: Erik of Norway

Bride’s Gown: Pronovias

Men’s Suits: Men’s Wearhouse

Musicians: Intermezzo



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