Lake Park Bistro Wedding | Kristen & Eric


Feb 28, 2013



Kristen and Eric are the sort of couple who never do things the conventional way.  That was true of their wedding day too.  They took that concept and turned it on it’s ear with a full weekend of events for their guests: private movie screenings, trolley tours, custard, packer parties, brunch, and somewhere in there, a wedding.  They wanted to showcase Milwaukee and all they loved about it, and I’m certain they achieved that goal brilliantly.

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Kristen and Eric were married in the ceremonial courtroom at the Milwaukee Federal Courthouse.  Security for that space is very tight, and sadly I’m not allowed to show any pictures from this part of their day.  It was unlike any wedding ceremony I’ve ever witnessed.  After all, how many weddings choose a scene from “Rocky” as their readings?  Eric is a clerk for a federal judge in Seattle, and it was he who performed the ceremony for them, adding to the personalization.  lake_park_bistro_wedding__1017 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1018

After the ceremony, guests were bused to Lake Park Bistro for brunch, drinks, lawn games and revelry. lake_park_bistro_wedding__1019 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1020 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1021 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1022 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1023 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1024 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1025 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1026 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1027 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1028 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1029 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1030 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1031 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1032 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1033 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1034 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1035 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1036 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1037 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1038 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1039 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1040 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1041 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1042 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1043 lake_park_bistro_wedding__1044

True Wisconsinites to the core, the newlyweds hosted a Packer send-off party back at the Hotel Metro for their guests as they prepared to head off to the airport.


Kristen & Eric – To say you changed my definition of what a wedding is, could be and means, is an understatement.  I think you’ve done that within your own relationship as well.  Your clear delight in each other and the life you are building is a joy to witness.  May your enthusiasm and unwillingness to settle stay with you in the years ahead!  Thank you for including m three studio in your plans.


Ceremony Venue: Milwaukee Federal Courthouse

Reception: Lake Park Bistro

Wedding Planner: Exceptional Events

Cupcakes: Milwaukee Cupcake

Band: Kleist Jazz Trio

Bride’s Gown: Marisa

Bride’s Shoes: J Crew

Bridesmaid Dresses: J Crew

Crackers: Old English Crackers



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