Lake Beulah Engagement Session | Julie & Tim


Jul 14, 2017

He had recently put the finishing touches on his lake home in Lake Beulah.  It was exactly as he wanted it, and he stood out on the peninsula that jutted out into the waters, looking at the lakeshore surrounding him, the sun getting lower over the treeline, surveying his handi-work. The breeze whipped past him and swayed the hammock a bit.  Across the lake, she gunned the engine in the boat a bit, impishly looking back towards her daughters to see if she had caught them off guard.  They paid no attention and were instead ensconced in the love of extended family members snuggled around them, hair whipping into their faces.  It was a celebration for her Grandmother’s birthday, here at her lake home.  There wasn’t a better way to remember that woman than to spend time on these waters, she thought to herself.  She swiped a tear from her eye as she looked across the lake in front of her.  The peninsula with the big blue house came up on her right, and she started to turn around it, hugging into the curve.  Just as she rounded the bend, the engine killed on the boat.  She looked down perplexedly.  Checked her gages but found no answers.   She turned the key, and then turned it again.  No luck.  She looked up and saw one of the empty docks on the peninsula.  A tall and lean man was walking towards them, waving his arms. “Hey, you need help?” he yelled.  She laughed, looked back at her boat full of people.  Cupping her hands around her mouth, “Yes, I think so!” She lobbed back.  He hit a trot down the dock.   Her aunt chuckled, taking up a spot next to her at the wheel. “Well, this just got interesting, didn’t it?”


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