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Feb 14, 2013


I’ll never be able to repay Nicole and John for introducing me to one of my new favorite Kohler venues, and truly one of the most unique places for an intimate wedding – River Wildlife.   A lovely little cabin nestled into the woods, right on the riverfront, it feels like you’ve joined a family for a weekend of hunting, tales by the fire and comfort food at their up-north cabin.  All attended to by the impeccable Kohler staff of course.

That feeling is just what Nicole and John were aiming for.  A day to get married among their very nearest and dearest. A day where they didn’t have to be a spectacle, but rather an ingredient in a memorable experience.  And that, is just what happened.


One of my favorite things about Nicole and John is their shared love for Yorkies – they have two of them in fact.  The little pups and their cousin were all part of the getting ready that day at the Inn on Woodlake.Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1002 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1003 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1004 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1005 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1006 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1007 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1008 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1009 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1010 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1011

Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1012 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1013 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1014 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1015 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1016 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1017 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1018 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1019 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1020 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1021 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1022 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1023

I don’t usually post the family pictures on the blog (though they are certainly among the most important images I create).  But I loved the family images from this wedding so much, with the River Wildlife cabin in the background, I had to include a few:Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1024 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1025 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1026

As you’ll see, Nicole and John put their favorite Saturday past-time of flea market browsing to good use all over their wedding day:Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1027 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1028

For a fall wedding, I don’t know if there is anything quite as perfect as this setting.  Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1029 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1030 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1032 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1033

Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1031Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1034 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1035 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1036 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1037 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1038 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1039 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1040 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1041 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1042 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1043 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1044

There was a soul-feeding moment just as Nicole and John were being announced as Husband and Wife.  Nicole’s Grandmother had passed a few weeks earlier, and there was certainly a hole where she should have been that day.  Just as the officiant announced them, the wind picked up out of nowhere and Nicole and John were showered with gently falling leaves.  As Nicole put it – it was certainly Grandma letting everyone know she was there. Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1045 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1046 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1047 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1048 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1049 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1050 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1051 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1052 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1053 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1054 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1055 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1056 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1057 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1058 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1059 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1060 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1061 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1062 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1063 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1064 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1065 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1066 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1067 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1068 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1069 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1070 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1071 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1072 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1073 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1074 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1075 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1076

Easily one of the most memorable moments of the day: the chinese lantern send-off!  So beautiful to watch these float up into the night sky.Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1077 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1079 Kohler_RiverWildlife_Wedding__1080


Nicole and John- I can’t help but feel honored to have been among your thirty-some guests on such a beautiful fall day to capture your wedding.  Yours was a special day, full of personal touches,unique moments and just the sort of intimacy that every wedding should be fortunate enough to enjoy.  Thank you for including me in your plans!


Ceremony Venue: River Wildlife – Kohler

Reception Venue: River Wildlife – Kohler

Florist: Twig Flowers (Plymouth)

Cake: Whole Foods

Makeup: Erin Lobdell (B’Lovely Salon)

Bride’s Gown: Allure Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: WToo

Stationery: My August Press (etsy)


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