Jenny & Patrick | Wine Themed Engagement


Jul 2, 2014


She could definitely be described as a pop-culture maniac.  Not to imply she’s crazy, just a very ardent fan of all things romantic, drama-filled and celebrity glitzy.  He certainly doesn’t come across that way, but what no one realizes is he enjoys nights on the couch with a glass of wine and a trashy Bravo show, as long as she’s sitting next to him.  It was even a shared interest in the cult hit True Blood that finally got them out of the small talk rotation at work.  He loaned her the first two seasons to watch, and as she scared herself silly one night with them, she got up the courage to text him.  Four hours later, he was sleepily saying goodnight. Weeks later they were still chatting away each night and ignoring each other each day at work.  Dating a co-worker is the basis for a lot of great romantic comedies, but it’s a fine line in real life after all   Years have passed since those first flirtatious nights.  She left the firm, dating went into hyper-drive, he introduced her to his kids, she moved in.  Nights on the couch with trashy tv weren’t a date – they were everyday life now. So were days out with the kids, trips to wine country, and nights working on homework.   They had a lot of pretty great ‘normal’ and they had created a lot of even better romantic comedy worthy times.  So, it was a bit full circle that he was sitting there on that couch, as she was out with girlfriends, reviewing her favorite movie, “Love Actually” so he could get it just right when he surprised her with the pop-culture proposal of her dreams tomorrow.  

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