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Feb 21, 2019

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as an entrepreneur in the past 12 years – it’s that I can’t and shouldn’t do everything myself. 

Yes, I said it. 

Recognizing what your business needs you specifically to do, and what you should have someone else do – that is when you find balance.

So, if you’ve opened up Instagram and found yourself paralyzed by the idea of trying to create a photo that communicates your brand – I’ve got you. 

If you’ve had something to say on Facebook, but searched your photos and been disappointed at your options –
I’ve got you.

If you find yourself jealous of another business’ feed that’s full of seemingly perfect images –
I’ve got you.

Making the right images to communicate your brand and share your business in a compelling way – it’s hard work.  It’s not easy, and if you didn’t have to try to do it – imagine what you could do with that time!

Which is why I’m now offering Brand Photography.

I’m motivated by telling stories.  Over the last several years, I’ve learned that some of the most compelling stories come from other business owners.  I love finding out the why, the how.  Creating a beautiful image of your craftsmanship, capturing the joy you find in service to your clients, crafting just the right photographs to show off your products.  Telling the story of your business, your brand, your passion.  This is brand photography. 

The best part is it means you’ll always have the right images for your Instagram.  You can open Facebook with confidence, and know just which photo will best suit your announcement.  Imagine how freeing it will be to know that no matter the need or request – from an article, to an ad, to your social media content – you have a collection of images that are custom fit to your messages and just the right look for your brand.

So, whether you are a one-man operation crafting away in your basement, a social media influencer, a small business chugging along with a happy staff, or even a larger corporation – there’s a story to tell, and I’d love to help you capture the images to do it.  We’ll figure out the core messages of your brand and I’ll craft images for you that serve those messages.  Suddenly, it will be fun and easy to share your content!

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