Indian Wedding at Villa Terrace | Adriana & Ashish | Part One


Nov 26, 2013

When Adriana first called and described her wedding to me, I was awestruck at all they had planned.  An Indian, Venezuelan and Christian ceremony held at Milwaukee’s own very Italian Villa Terrace.  It was an ambitious combination of cultures, styles and sensibilities, and I was eager to see how it would all come together.  As their plans evolved, the additions and subtractions increased my excitement.  Dining al fresco, both traditional Indian and American wedding clothes, their sweet puppy Einstein as a ring bearer, cocktails on the terrace, the list went on and on.  Each development made the day more and more vibrant, and each added more and more depth.  Vibrancy and depth are something that Adriana and Ashish possess in spades, so it was only fitting.

In fact, there is so much to show you, we are going to spread this wedding out over two posts.  So, stay tuned for part two tomorrow!

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Indian_wedding-9Indian_wedding_11 Indian_wedding_12 Indian_wedding_13 Indian_wedding-8 Indian_wedding--16 Indian_wedding--15Indian_wedding_14 Indian_wedding_15Indian_wedding-10

Indian_wedding_2 Indian_wedding-5Indian_wedding_3Indian_wedding-4Indian_wedding--5Indian_wedding-3Indian_wedding--6 Indian_wedding-2 Indian_wedding--21 Indian_wedding_4Indian_wedding--4 Indian_wedding_17Indian_wedding--19Indian_wedding_16Indian_wedding_18 Indian_wedding_19Indian_wedding_20Indian_wedding_21Indian_wedding_22Indian_wedding--20Indian_wedding--22Indian_wedding_23Indian_wedding_- Indian_wedding__2Indian_wedding--23Indian_wedding--25 Indian_wedding--24 Indian_wedding_-2Indian_wedding_25Indian_wedding-_-Indian_wedding_24 Indian_wedding_-8 Indian_wedding_-3 Indian_wedding__5Indian_wedding_-4Indian_wedding-_-2Indian_wedding__Indian_wedding_-7 Indian_wedding_-6 Indian_wedding-_-4 Indian_wedding_-5 Indian_wedding__4Indian_wedding-_-3Indian_wedding-_-5Indian_wedding_-9Indian_wedding__3 Indian_wedding_-10 Indian_wedding__6Indian_wedding_-11Indian_wedding--18

Check back for part two, with new outfits (for everyone!), dinner, emotional toasts, and so much more, tomorrow.


Ceremony Venue: Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum

Planner: Tailored Engagements

Florist: Marius Bell

Makeup: Natural Radiance Beauty

Hair: Jason Koenig – Beauty Salon

Invitations: Aerialist Press

Guitarist: Darele Bisquerra

Officiant: Reverend Jennifer Miller

Bride’s Gown: Custom Lengha from Frontier Heritage

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Custom Anarkali Dress from Dreams Collection

Groom’s and Groomsmens’ Suits: Custom Made in New Dehli


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