{How I shot it} Milwaukee Art Museum


Nov 19, 2019

With any Milwaukee Art Museum wedding, there always needs to be a shot that embodies the drama and beauty of the architecture.  It’s the main reason most couples choose the venue – the pure structure is awe-inspiring.  The trick is doing it in a way that speaks to the nature of each couple.

It’s something that could be terribly over-worked if you get too caught up in figuring it out.

And so, instead, I follow the light.  Most especially in this larger than life architectural masterpiece, the light will lead you to the right shot.

Like this one for Lane and Ben.  We had a few spare minutes and already had a dozen shots that would round out their wedding portraits beautifully.  But it’s rare that the ceremony space of the Milwaukee Art Museum is empty and waiting for some photographic fun at the right point in the day’s schedule.  I always start with the light. It was streaming right into the west side of the roof, illuminating the intricate skylight, and outlining Lane and Ben in a glowing halo.  Lane’s billowing dress and the awaiting ceremony chairs gave a quiet echo to the overhead shape.  It all fell together beautifully and quickly – resulting in an image that captures their venue of choice, their clean style, and the glow of love.

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