Horse Ranch Engagement | Jen & Jamie


Sep 2, 2015


The symbols of love are always different.  For some, it’s jewelry, having his favorite drink on hand, a particular spot for dinner, or a favorite sweatshirt maybe.  For Jamie, it’s a hand-made stocking from his Mom.  For years, Jen had coveted the collection of stockings at his family’s christmas celebration.  She had joked that there wasn’t one for her, and Jamie’s Mom had always quipped back “Not till there’s a ring!”.  When she opened the door one October day after work and found her house decorated for Christmas, somehow it didn’t register.  But, when she saw the stockings on the mantel – the familiar one with Jamie’s name on it, and right next to it….one with her own.  Then she knew.  This was it, she was in.

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