Horse Farm Engagement Session | Carrie & Ron


Aug 22, 2017

To step foot on the land that Carrie & Ron have purchased is to know them.  It is overflowing in features; rolling hills, magnificent positioning in the sun’s path, white rustic fence, long drive, remote and rural feel, open expanses of fields, untamed wildness, and the twinkle of both their eyes – a white clad barn built with obvious love, just waiting for their horses.  Ron could talk about it, the garden they started already, the big “toys” he gets to acquire now, for hours.  Carrie speaks mostly of the horses that she’ll import from Europe and raise here, the ones who will watch over the pasture in their retirement.  The two of them step foot on the soil of this land and you can watch their stresses melt, their hearts lift, and their eyes sparkle – all at once.  They’ve searched for this property for many years.  They were nearly ready to give up.  You never know how close you are to your goals sometimes.  2017 has been one of those years to break through for these two.  They will have bought the land to build their dreams on, broken ground on a new home, and brought their 15  year (maybe more?) relationship to a defining moment of marriage.


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