Grain Exchange Wedding | Kim & Sri


Jun 14, 2017

Kim has a habit of making friends, pretty much wherever she goes.  So it’s really no surprise that Sri fell into her friend net one day in London.  He was the friend of a friend, there were drinks one night and then they went on their seperate paths.  Years later, that same friend posted a picture of a trip with Sri and who should see it but Kim.  She sent him a friend request, he accepted, they met for dinner and they’ve been together ever since.  Some would say facebook brought them together.  Others would credit that mutal friend.  I’m saying it was Kim.



Wedding Planner: Dare to Dream Weddings
Ceremony Venue: Milwaukee Hilton
Reception Venue: The Grain Exchange
Florals: Jane Kelly
Makeup: Vanexa Yang
DJ & Lighting: Milwaukee Airwaves

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