Grain Exchange Wedding | Andrea & Bryan


Feb 25, 2013


Tradition can be a powerful thing.  Especially when you are trying to make a new one.  Andrea’s parents were married in Milwaukee, and she wanted to walk down that same aisle, say those same words and start her marriage off with a healthy dose of tradition.  So, in flew this California girl and her groom, and all of their guests from all over the country – to Milwaukee in November.  And on that cold and blustery day, Andrea’s Dad walked his daughter down the same aisle he once walked himself.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself, first we start with getting ready at the lovely Pfister hotel.

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Bryan started a new tradition (hopefully) with a big surprise for his bride as they recessed.  Halfway down the aisle, the newlyweds were met by a singer, a trumpeter and a saxophonist, serenading them with “All you need is love” by the Beatles.  It was an overwhelming and unforgettable moment to end an emotional ceremony.

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You might recognize a few of these lovely ladies.  This is where my own little tradition (I hope!) comes in.  This group of friends has been in front of my camera before – for Ashley & Tom’s wedding.  They are so fun, so friendly and such a joy to shoot – I hope I see them for every wedding they experience.  grain_exchange_wedding_1026 grain_exchange_wedding_1027 grain_exchange_wedding_1028 grain_exchange_wedding_1029 grain_exchange_wedding_1030 grain_exchange_wedding_1031 grain_exchange_wedding_1032 grain_exchange_wedding_1033 grain_exchange_wedding_1034 grain_exchange_wedding_1035 grain_exchange_wedding_1036 grain_exchange_wedding_1037

This little tradition requires an explanation.  This funky fur coat belongs to Andrea’s aunt, and has found it’s way from grade-school dress up games to proms, dances, and weddings.  It has such fun and quirky memories attached to it, everyone in Andrea’s family has worn it for something.  grain_exchange_wedding_1038 grain_exchange_wedding_1039 grain_exchange_wedding_1040 grain_exchange_wedding_1041 grain_exchange_wedding_1042 grain_exchange_wedding_1043 grain_exchange_wedding_1044 grain_exchange_wedding_1045 grain_exchange_wedding_1046 grain_exchange_wedding_1047 grain_exchange_wedding_1048 grain_exchange_wedding_1049 grain_exchange_wedding_1050 grain_exchange_wedding_1051 grain_exchange_wedding_1052

Andrea’s Dad gave the most emotional speech.  He pulled out if his jacket a collage Andrea had made for him as a kid.  On it were pictures of the two of them together, doing all the things they loved, and the worlds “I know what is best for my daughter”.  On that day, he said, he knew what was best for his daughter: Bryan.  grain_exchange_wedding_1053 grain_exchange_wedding_1054 grain_exchange_wedding_1055 grain_exchange_wedding_1056 grain_exchange_wedding_1057 grain_exchange_wedding_1058 grain_exchange_wedding_1059 grain_exchange_wedding_1060 grain_exchange_wedding_1061 grain_exchange_wedding_1062 grain_exchange_wedding_1063 grain_exchange_wedding_1064 grain_exchange_wedding_1065 grain_exchange_wedding_1066 grain_exchange_wedding_1067 grain_exchange_wedding_1068 grain_exchange_wedding_1069 grain_exchange_wedding_1070 grain_exchange_wedding_1071 grain_exchange_wedding_1072

Andrea & Bryan – Your enthusiasm for life and each other is something I hope you never lose.  Your easy kindness is so memorable and touches everyone you know.  Your wedding day was a great showcase for how you have already woven a life together and all of the exciting threads yet to come.  Thanks for asking me to be a part of it!


Ceremony Venue: Mother of Good Counsel Church

Reception Venue: The Grain Exchange

Wedding Planner: Evenement, Janelle Meyer Brown

Florals: Impressions by Esther

Hair and Makeup: The Shoppe

Bride’s Gown: Enzoani

Groom’s Tux: Ralph Lauren – Purple Label


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  1. Julie F. says:

    What a beautiful wedding. I especially love the bride’s dress with the removable gorgeous lace shoulder cap.

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