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Sep 29, 2014


Sometimes I shoot weddings with other photographers.  It’s a good chance to stretch my creative muscles and not be “in charge” for once.  The person I shoot most with is my awesome associate, Melissa  .  This was one of her weddings, and we had an incredible time with these two families and at The Gasparilla Inn for a wedding weekend to remember.  As part of a photography team, I obviously don’t cover the whole event myself – but I do want to share some of my favorite shots from this experience. 


Kelly & John hosted a utterly charming and beautiful destination wedding weekend at The Gasparilla Inn & Club.   Their guests took over the quaint island and injected it with all their fun nature.  This preppy extravaganza had plenty of pretty mixed in too.  Previously, I’ve showed off their seaside themed welcome dinner.  Today, it’s all about the wedding.


Banyan trees, banyan trees, banyan trees!  They are gorgeous.  And so much fun to shoot with.  This one played perfect host to a sweet first look.  And then we headed to Banyan street with the whole wedding party to play in these amazing giants some more.

gasparilla_inn_wedding_17gasparilla_inn_wedding_-6gasparilla_island_wedding_20gasparilla_island_wedding_23gasparilla_inn_wedding_2gasparilla_inn_wedding_-7 gasparilla_inn_wedding_18gasparilla_island_wedding_22 gasparilla_island_wedding_21gasparilla_island_wedding_24 gasparilla_island_wedding_25 gasparilla_inn_wedding_-8gasparilla_island_wedding_-

I’ve always thought that the biggest church was nature itself – so why not have a Catholic mass outside?  Until this wedding, I’d never seen it done.  But John & Kelly pulled it off with reverence and serious style, right on the beach.  Absolutely awesome.

 gasparilla_island_wedding_-10gasparilla_inn_wedding__gasparilla_inn_wedding_20 gasparilla_inn_wedding_16gasparilla_island_wedding_-2gasparilla_island_wedding_-3gasparilla_inn_wedding_19gasparilla_island_wedding_-8gasparilla_island_wedding_-5 gasparilla_inn_wedding_21

Loved the two Kelly flags – John’s last name, and Kelly’s first.  Two Kelly’s coming together!

gasparilla_island_wedding_-4gasparilla_inn_wedding_22 gasparilla_island_wedding_-6 gasparilla_island_wedding_-7 gasparilla_inn_wedding_-4gasparilla_inn_wedding_23gasparilla_inn_wedding_24gasparilla_island_wedding_-9gasparilla_inn_wedding_25 gasparilla_inn_wedding_-9

Cocktails were in full swing when a bagpiper appeared on the beach, and led everyone back to The Gasparilla Inn for a tented reception.

gasparilla_inn_wedding__2gasparilla_island_wedding_-11gasparilla_inn_wedding__5 gasparilla_inn_wedding__3gasparilla_inn_wedding__4 gasparilla_island_wedding_-20gasparilla_island_wedding_-14gasparilla_inn_wedding__6 gasparilla_inn_wedding__7gasparilla_island_wedding_-16gasparilla_island_wedding_-21gasparilla_island_wedding_-12gasparilla_island_wedding_-22 gasparilla_island_wedding_-15

A personal cigar rolling station added some fun texture to the reception:

gasparilla_inn_wedding__9gasparilla_island_wedding_-18 gasparilla_island_wedding_-19 gasparilla_island_wedding_-17gasparilla_inn_wedding__8gasparilla_island_wedding_-23gasparilla_inn_wedding_--

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