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Oct 26, 2012

Once again I’ve taken over the mthree studio blog!  It’s been since spring and I thought with Halloween right around the corner, what better time to take-over?  And now, time for some random thoughts……..

-Yesterday (Oct. 25) was one of the weirdest weather days in a while.  It went from 75 degrees and sunny to 42 degrees with side-ways rain!  It was like a wave of fall/winter temperatures washed over the entire state.  At least the next week is supposed to be sunny and dry, even if it is only 40-45 degrees.

-Football season is in full swing! Being one of the biggest Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers fans out there, I’m glad that both are hitting their winning strides as we get further into the season.  It always makes it more enjoyable that the Packers have one of the greatest players in the NFL in Aaron Rodgers.  He makes every game exciting to watch and gives them a chance to win every time that he steps on the field.  Rodgers does a weekly radio show called “Tuesdays with Aaron” on ESPN Milwaukee with Jason Wilde (@jasonjwilde).  It offers an unique view of himself, the team and more.  It’s interesting to hear his views.  If you can’t listen during the live show, the show is available on ESPN Milwaukee’s website.

-I’ve been lucky enough to get to watch most of the games with Baby Sloane Isabella.  Check out her game day outfit and what she does after a touchdown! Also pictured is her play Turtle form Grandpa. (Picture form my iPhone)

-Speaking of Sloane, she is getting so big, so fast.  It’s hard to believe that she is almost 10 months old.  My advice to anyone with a newborn is to take pictures as often as possible.  It’s so exciting to watch her learn how to do stuff and pictures are a great way to remember how exciting those moments are. 

-This weekend is Halloween weekend and we are going out to celebrate with some friends.  Sloane is spending Saturday night with Grandma and is getting dressed up to help hand out candy on Sunday.  Make sure and check back to see her costume!  I’m not allowed to tell you what it is but it is adorable.

-Make sure to visit a pumpkin farm or haunted house if you get a chance.  Our favorite pumpkin farms are Swan’s Pumpkin Farm and Borzynski’s Farm & Floral Market.  We aren’t big on haunted houses but I’ve been hearing good things about the Abandoned Haunted House Complex.  If you have a favorite, let us know.

-Of course I have to leave you with a music video!  Music Videos have come a long way since 1984.  Make sure and watch for some of the great cameos.

Make sure and leave some feedback!  Also, send us your favorite Halloween spots and costume ideas & pictures!


Hubby (@kenmicheljr)

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