Farm Wedding | Melissa & Eric


Jan 27, 2014


I usually get at least a peripheral view of the planning process for most of my couples.  A few check-ins as the months go by, some facebook posts I catch and a couple of questions here and there.  But this wedding was different.  I had a front row seat to the whole engagement.  In fact, I’ve had the chance to know this bride since she was a toddler.  I can remember so clearly her blonde locks and how she would come bouncing up to me in her Sunday dress, grasping at my knees and smiling wide.  And now, she is my toddler’s nanny.  Our Mothers are dear friends.  Her Mom is my honorary aunt, and spent countless hours helping me construct my dream wedding.  I’ve watched Melissa and her sister grow up, and her weekly shifts at our house meant I knew all about her anticipation of a ring and a question, and then every step of the wedding plans.  It was so very fun to witness it all.  When she and Eric asked me to capture the big day, I was humbled.  To give back to this family – who has given so much to my own – this wedding was an honor above all else.

Melissa always dreamed of getting married at her family’s farm.  I can’t wait to show you the charming hay bales covered in vintage fabric for seating, the authentically weathered red barns, the sheep grazing in the pasture, the antique tractors set about the property, the hand-made (by the Bride’s Father and Grandfather) podium and entrance doors for the outdoor ceremony, the hand-crafted paper goods, heck, even the vests were created by the Bride’s Mom.  The list of diy projects for this day are long.  I’ll just let the pictures do the talking….

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The Credits:

Ceremony Venue: Private Family Farm

Reception Venue: Michaels on the Lake

Florist: Fannintastic Floras

Cake: DeRose Creations

DJ: Music by Tim

Bride’s Gown: Maggie Sottero

Bridesmaid Dresses: Jordan



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