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Aug 17, 2016

When I started high school, I remember distinctly the principal addressing the freshman class in the auditorium; “Look to your left and your right.  In four years, one of those people will not be there”.  He was right.  For Emma & Spence, the story goes a bit differently.  On the first day of law school, Emma sat down next to a cute guy with a Calvin & Hobbes screen saver.  He smiled at her.  She smiled at him.  And in my version of the story, someone said “Look to your left, look to your right. You are going to marry one of those people one day”.  Well, a storyteller can dream anyway.  In the real version, they became friends, and at a halloween party two years later, they finally started dating.   You could say it was because one of them was dressed as a Packers QB, the other as Tinkerbelle.  Spence was the one donning the fairy wings.  Hard to say if it was that self-effacing humor or the southern charm that oozes out of his every gesture.  One way or another though, Emma was smitten, and the rest is history.

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