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Sep 16, 2014

You might have noticed blog posts and other communications (facebook, twitter, instagram) have been notably….light….as of late.

I wanted to fill you in on the why.

If you follow me elsewhere, you might know we are expecting our second child this winter!  (Yes, that’s the awesome part)  The not so great part is this pregnancy has come with a dangerous condition called Placenta Previa.  Basically, it can cause random hemorraging and early labor.  It was just that which sent me rushing to the hospital (in an ambulance no less) about three weeks ago and also which got me a four day stay at “hotel medical” (the hospital).  I was fine, baby was fine, (thankfully!) they just had to get the bleeding to stop, and keep me for ongoing monitoring.   I came home and then three days later ended up right back in the hospital with the same problem.  Five days of monitoring this time, and my doctor sent me home with extreme caution and a whole lot of restrictions.

Sadly, I’ve been placed on modified bed-rest.  So, I can sit around and do anything that involves sitting, walk to the bathroom once in awhile, then sit around some more.  And all that sitting has to happen within 30 minutes of the NICU, just in case.  I am allowed some brief field trips with Hubby to Target or the Studio or such – but I’m stuck in a wheelchair for anything more than a brief walk from the car to a door.  I make light of all of this as a way of coping with it – but truly this is a precarious condition, and our number one goal right now is staying pregnant so this little one gets all the chances she needs (yes, it’s a girl!) to grow.

It’s pretty impossible to shoot an entire wedding sitting down.  It’s doubly hard when most of my weddings happen well outside that 30 minute zone.

So, what to do?

We hit the ground running (metaphorically speaking) very quickly once we knew my temporary limitations to ensure all of my clients were taken care of.   Right from the hospital room, I started matching up clients with the best photographers I knew of similar style to replace myself.  Everyone’s wedding and photo shoot is covered and everyone is happy.


(a few iPhone shots from our stay at ‘Hotel Medical’ with all the excellent care I received from our daughter ‘Dr. Sloane’)

It was no easy task, but I can attest that we have an amazing photography community in this area.  Photographers jumped to my aid, rearranged their schedules, shuffled shoots, and offered so much support.  When clients used to ask me in consultations what would happen if I couldn’t make it to their wedding – I used to laugh and knock on wood.  I had never missed one!  But I also described the great emergency system we have in place here.  Little did I know I would put that system into practice!

So, other photographers are showing up at my weddings this fall as temporary associates (and my regular associate photographer is taking on several of them too). They’ll do the shooting, but I’m still editing, talking with clients, organizing wedding day schedules, designing albums. etc.

I can’t tell you how much it pains me to miss out on these celebrations.  I take on only a limited number of clients each year so that I can give them the attention and foster the sort of relationships I feel they deserve.  Watching someone else capture that important day – it’s hard and I spend my Saturdays feeling like the kid that didn’t get chosen for dodgeball.

Playing on the sidelines is not a strength of mine.   But one strength I do have is rising to a challenge.  And that’s how we’ve chosen to see this – a challenge to meet.  We have eight weeks to go until our baby can be safely delivered, and I have every intention of following my doctor’s orders so that can happen.

Not to worry, none of this slows us down one bit for 2015.  The calendar is filling up quickly for weddings, and I’m still meeting with new clients and filling in available dates.  I’m so anxious to get my camera back in my hands and start capturing stories again!


(various iPhone pictures from our time at ‘hotel medical’)


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