Door County Engagement | Jenna & Drew


Jul 29, 2016

When you pick apart Jenna & Drew’s story, you find a couple who have been intertwined by fate more than once.  It’s clear their paths were crafted with a few “plan b” options to make sure they ended up together. Their meeting was most unlikely and many would chalk it up to happenstance.  Both on vacations with their families in Mexico, someone from her family knew someone from his.  A birthday bash was being thrown at the local bar, and those two someones suggested that Jenna go to it.  Before she knew it she had been camped out on a barstool for hours, chatting it up with a guy from Iowa.  When they returned to normal life and their respective cities, she realized she had been courting an internship in his hometown.  A little willpower made that a reality, and he pointed out how his parent’s guest house was suddenly available to stay in.   And so it goes, through school semesters, jobs, moves here and there.  Jenna and Drew kept winding this way and that, sometimes crossing paths, sometimes running parallel, but always with that final destination in mind.  And so here we are, on a different sort of beach in Door County, ready to make it permanent and submit to fate.


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