Door County Backyard Wedding | Shannon & Brandon


Feb 25, 2015

***This wedding was shot by my fantastic associate photographer, Yazy***


Married at Shannon’s family lake home in Door County, Shannon & Brandon gathered their nearest and dearest after a whirlwind 3 month planning period.  Such spontaneity is a bit of a family tradition, and the lightness and freshness that their day took on because of the compressed planning paid off in dividends.   The whole day feels like a warm blanket by a cozy fire with a really good book.  Like that kind of deep satisfaction that only home can bring.  Surrounded by a place her late father loved, by photographs of their best memories, by decor lovingly created by family and friends, and most of all by those they hold dear, Shannon & Brandon became Mr. & Mrs.

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The Credits:

Ceremony Venue: Bride’s Family lake home

Reception Venue: Bride’s family lake home

Florist: Maas Floral

Cake: North Water Bakery

Band: Modern Day Drifters

Caterer: Biebel’s

Bride’s Gown: Demetrios

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: ASOS

Men’s Suits: Calvin Klein


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