Cuvèe Wedding | Megan & Scott


Feb 5, 2014


“The day I met you, as you walked toward me on the sidewalk, all confidence, great hair and a cute smile, I knew you were someone who was going to forever alter my life’s path.”  Those were the words in Megan’s vows to Scott.  Or at least how I remember them.  She spoke them with such clarity that you knew the statement was real and the sentiment was heartfelt.  It’s that mix of practicality and emotion that make Megan and Scott so magnetic.  You get the feeling that a night out and two beers later – you’ll be having the time of your life with plenty of laughter, awesome conversation, a dash of spontaneity and unforgettable stories.  Since I’ve been fortunate enough to be included in a couple of their friends’ celebrations as well, I can testify – this is true.

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Can we pause and talk about Cuvèe for a moment?  I love this venue for a lot of reasons – but mostly because it is so very Milwaukee (cream city brick, wood ceilings, original floors) and so very Cosmopolitan with it’s loft-like ambience and Champagne foundation.  It’s casual and elegant all at the same time – a hard mix to pull off.  But for a couple like Megan and Scott – it’s a perfect fit.  Cuvee_wedding-5 Cuvee_wedding-_-Cuvee_wedding-8 Cuvee_wedding-7 Cuvee_wedding-6  Cuvee_wedding-25 Cuvee_wedding--18 Cuvee_wedding--19 Cuvee_wedding--20 Cuvee_wedding-_2 Cuvee_wedding--21 Cuvee_wedding--22 Cuvee_wedding--23 Cuvee_wedding-_Cuvee_wedding-_-6Cuvee_wedding--24 Cuvee_wedding--25 Cuvee_wedding-_3 Cuvee_wedding-_-7 Cuvee_wedding-_4 Cuvee_wedding3 Cuvee_weddingCuvee_wedding-_5 Cuvee_wedding-_6Cuvee_wedding-_-9 Cuvee_wedding2 Cuvee_wedding-_7 Cuvee_wedding-_8 Cuvee_wedding-_-8Cuvee_wedding-17 Cuvee_wedding-16 Cuvee_wedding-15 Cuvee_wedding--Cuvee_wedding-14 Cuvee_wedding--4Cuvee_wedding-13 Cuvee_wedding-12 Cuvee_wedding--3Cuvee_wedding-11 Cuvee_wedding-10 Cuvee_wedding-9Cuvee_wedding-_-3Cuvee_wedding--5 Cuvee_wedding--2 Cuvee_wedding7Cuvee_wedding-_10 Cuvee_wedding8 Cuvee_wedding6 Cuvee_wedding-_9Cuvee_wedding10Cuvee_wedding-_11 Cuvee_wedding9Cuvee_wedding--6Cuvee_wedding12Cuvee_wedding13 Cuvee_wedding-_12Cuvee_wedding11Cuvee_wedding15Cuvee_wedding-_15 Cuvee_wedding5Cuvee_wedding-_14 Cuvee_wedding16 Cuvee_wedding-_13Cuvee_wedding14 Cuvee_wedding-_-10

The Credits:

Ceremony Venue: Cuvèe

Reception Venue: Cuvèe

Florist: Petals Floral Design

Cake: Milwaukee Cupcake Company

DJ/Band: Sound By Design

Caterer: Joey Buonas

Hair & Makeup: Neroli

Bride’s Gown: Allure Bridal 

Bridesmaid Dresses: Jasmine Bridal

Groom’s Suit: Vera Wang 

Groomsmen Suits: Vera Wang 


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