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Feb 10, 2014


Jessica has one of those effervescent laughs – the kind that takes hold and transforms a room in a few seconds.  Several times on her wedding day I saw her try to keep it all contained – be reserved, be serious.  But it wasn’t long before that laugh and her personality bubbled to the surface and she just couldn’t contain it anymore.  That eruption of pure fun is I think what drew Vinnie to her.   He’s definitely the quieter of the two, all cool and reserved.  In the way Frank Sinatra or Sammy Davis Jr. was.  Confident, sure, but still engaged in every facet of life.  The combination of these two is like a firecracker – surprising, snappy and demanding of your attention.  Gesu_wedding- Gesu_wedding-16

Gesu_wedding8Gesu_wedding-14Gesu_wedding-2Gesu_wedding9Coast_wedding_4 Gesu_wedding-15Gesu_wedding7Gesu_wedding10Coast_wedding_2Gesu_wedding11Coast_wedding_3 Gesu_wedding12Gesu_wedding-17

I have to give a quick shout-out to Golden Chic Events.  Katie and her team did an impeccable job of organizing, designing and arranging this day.  Not a moment was left un-thought of, nor a need left un-adressed.  Jess, Vinn and their families were totally taken care of and truly free to just enjoy this monumental day.  They were a joy to work with – a good planner can not be valued enough!

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Gesu_wedding19 Gesu_wedding21 Gesu_wedding20Gesu_wedding-22Gesu_wedding23Gesu_wedding-25Coast_wedding__2 Coast_wedding__Gesu_wedding22 Gesu_wedding-23Gesu_weddingGesu_wedding-5Gesu_wedding24Gesu_wedding25 Gesu_wedding-24 Coast_wedding-Coast_wedding__3Coast_wedding-2 Coast_wedding_8Coast_wedding-4Coast_wedding_9Gesu_wedding-9 Gesu_wedding-6Gesu_wedding-11Gesu_wedding2 Coast_wedding_Gesu_wedding-10 Gesu_wedding3Gesu_wedding-7 Gesu_wedding-8Coast_wedding-6Coast_wedding-7 Coast_wedding__7 Coast_wedding__4Coast_wedding__6Coast_wedding__5Coast_wedding-8Gesu_wedding-13 Gesu_wedding-12Gesu_wedding5Coast_wedding-10Coast_wedding__8Coast_wedding-11Coast_wedding__9Coast_wedding__10Coast_wedding-13 Coast_wedding-12 Coast_wedding-9 Coast_wedding__14 Coast_wedding__13 Coast_wedding__12 Coast_wedding-14Coast_wedding__11 Coast_wedding-15

The Credits:

Planner: Golden Chic Events

Ceremony: Gesu Parish

Reception: Coast Restaurant

Florist: La Tulipe

Cake: Simmas

DJ: DJs on the Mix

Linens: Elegant Presentations

Stationer: Paper Pleasers

Hair and Makeup: Well Spa at The Pfister

Transportation: Riteway Limo


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