Chicago Engagement Session | Lauren & Mark


May 31, 2016

The music was loud enough that she heard it from a block away.  It was sharper and more distinct from the rest of the songs spilling out of the bars and clubs on Broadway.  He squeezed her hand and looked ahead at the three story honky-tonk bar they were approaching.  “Let’s go in this one!” he said with maybe a bit too much enthusiasm.  She nodded.  She knew what was coming.  When he had suggested stopping at two different overlooks on their way into Nashville that day, she had a feeling.  She said no, as it didn’t seem right somehow.  Now they were wandering downtown and she could sense he was searching.  They grabbed two beers and he led her up to the third floor balcony.  The air was crisp, and the sounds of the music playing below were more mellow.  They were alone.  “You know…” he started.  She smiled at him.  “I know.” she nodded.  His face fell into relief and the question came spilling out.  

chicago engagement session

Chicago Engagement Session--2chicago engagement session chicago engagement sessionchicago engagement session Chicago Engagement Session--chicago engagement session chicago engagement sessionChicago Engagement Session--3chicago engagement session       chicago engagement session

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