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Oct 10, 2012

She swung her legs back and forth, rocking the sky glider seat a little.  She saw him grip the seat bar a little tighter and smirked.  Always the careful one.  He adjusted his weight a little in the seat and reached into his pocket.  “Honey, what are you doing?” she asked.  “I have a question…” he trailed off as a flash of light appeared in his hand and then fell from it, falling with increasing speed from his grasp.  It seemed to happen in slow motion she thought.  Was that a ring?  Really?  It couldn’t be!  “John, are you proposing?”  she asked in a whisper.  His face fell.  “Well, I was.” he sighed, looking over the edge of the seat as they glided farther and farther away from where he had dropped the ring.  Twenty minutes later she found herself scanning the ground near a dumpster, hoping to catch that flash of light again.  She sighed in exasperation.  This wasn’t how these things were supposed to go.  “Nicole?” he asked meekly.  She put a smile on her face and turned, “yeah?”  And there he was, down on one knee, next to a dumpster at the State Fair, a ring in his hand and a huge smile on his face.  “That wasn’t the real ring….”

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  1. Sarah

    October 11th, 2012 at 8:11 am

    Seriously, the shot of the dogs kissing and the couple kissing is absolutely priceless! Awesome job – as usual;)

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