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Shawna and Trevor go together like jack and coke.  I’ll reference a nice cocktail, because that is the sort of sauciness they exude.  Both awesome and unique on their own, but something full of magic and chemistry when mixed together.  They possess a certain style as a couple that is relaxed, exuberant and a touch old-school too.  You’ll see it all through their wedding day.  In Shawna’s stylish wedding dress (with stacked heel booties for shoes!), in the paper Trevor used for his vows, in their adorable brother serving as officiant, in the sweet way Shawna’s sisters surround her on the dance floor, in the all knowing glances between Trevor and his twin brother, and also in a visit from grandma via a monarch.


The Credits:

Venue: Lake Park Bistro

Floral: Impressions by Esther

Bride’s Gown: Blush by Hayley Paige

Bridesmaids: Dessy

Men’s Suits: Joseph A Banks

Stationer: Minted

Bride’s Shoes: Calvin Klein

Rings: A Trio Jewelry

Lounge Furniture: Canopies Events

Bride & Groom Chairs: Relics Vintage Rentals

Band: Dan Harvey Band

Makeup: Paulina Esthetics Boutique

Hair: Hello Brunette



It’s exceedingly romantic to get married at the end of a season.  To start a new life, a new version of  yourself, just as the world is letting go and transforming.  So, they partied away the last warm rays, the last colorful swirls of leaves that autumn had to offer with their wedding day.  The biting cold wind just served to prove it was the absolute tipping point from one season into the next, and Sandy & Cain had positioned their first day of marriage just perfectly.


The Credits:

Venue: The Enchanted Barn

Florals: DIY by the Bride

Stationer: Wedding Paper Divas

Bride’s Gown: Martina Liana

Bridesmaids: Bari Jay & Alfred Angelo

Groom’s Suit: Tommy Hilfiger

Macaroons: Nikkolette’s Macaroons

Band: Milwaukee Hot Club

DJ: Ignite Entertainment



Sometimes, love strikes twice.  Such is the luck of Sue & Justin.  They’ve both weathered the loss of their beloved spouses, and in that strange new world after – found each other.  The homily from this sweet little elopement has stuck with me.  The priest talked about how Sue had called and left a panicked message, asking him to call back immediately.  Worried something was wrong, he did so.  “Oh no!” she laughed at him, “Something is right!  We can’t waste any time!”  And so it was, and here they were.  He also spoke about how their deceased spouses and the love they shared with them – it was all part of this new love.  It was such a lovely perspective – that love continues and flows.  What a lovely new beginning!  Adding an extra sweet layer to this day are the energetic grandkids (one who you will see, adorably refused to have her picture taken) and Sue & Justin’s wonderful children.  Like the practiced and wonderful grandparents they are – I was taken with how they put the needs of everyone else before theirs on this, their wedding day – even juggling tiny toys alongside bouquets.






Vanessa and Matt seek the unbeaten path.  To look at their travels together is to admire the long list of locales – far flung and exotic – most involving challenging hikes, kayaking or other fun excursions.  So when they planned their wedding, they went for the best and most extreme Wisconsin can offer in every regard: an epic snowstorm at a five star resort.  They got their wish, and reveled in every snowflake that fell.  When you seek out adventure together, marriage is sure to be a wonderful ride!








The Credits:

Ceremony Venue: The American Club Resort

Reception Venue: Blackwolf Run 

Floral: The American Club

Cake: The American Club

Hair & Makeup: Kohler Waters Spa

Bride’s Gown: Eddy K at BHLDN

Bridesmaids: Jenny Yoo Collection

Groom’s Suit: Hugo Boss

Stationer: Paper Source

DJ: Rhythm in Motion



There are moments in life when the stars seem to align.  Everything goes your way and its as if you are living with the golden touch.  If you are extra lucky, that day happens on your wedding day, like it did for David & Kyle.  I could go on and on about how gorgeous this day is, and it is.  But there is so much from this day. So much love, beauty, so much JOY, friendship, kindness, depth, tradition, style…it is the muchness that gets you.  And Kyle and David?  They soaked it all in, appreciating every second.








The Credits:

Planner: Tailored Engagements
Venue: Milwaukee Country Club
Florals: Wood Violet
Cake: Milwaukee Country Club
Ceremony Musicians: Fretless Strings
Band: Dan Hayes Orchestra
Tent: JK Rentals
China: Relics Vintage Rentals
Stationer: Layers of Loveliness, Charm Studio
Calligrapher: Bien Fait Calligraphy
Bride’s Gown: Lela Rose
Bridesmaids: Amsale
Suits: J. Crew
Officiant: Reverend Paul Costanzo 



Somewhere in the gentle lapping of the waves on the shoreline, in the whistle of the breeze thru the pine needles, in the lilting float of a helicopter seed from the trees….is the spirit of Kyle’s grandfather.  He loved Gordon Lodge, and even more so, loved hosting his family there for vacation.  And so they return, again and again, year after year.  To feel close to him, to remember the fun, to bask in the warmth of the sunshine and recall his embrace.  The first time he brought Michelle to this little pocket of Door County, she knew she was pushing open a door in his heart that hadn’t been unlocked before.  Another trip brought their engagement, and with that it was an obvious choice to host their wedding at this special place.  Their day was peppered with gentle rain showers, but it didn’t matter.  They smiled and laughed thru it all.  Kyle couldn’t take his eyes off of Michelle, he was so enamored with his bride.  And at the end of the night, it was their hands tightly clasped on the dance floor.



The Credits:

Venue: Gordon Lodge On North Bay

Floral: Buss Flower Shop

Cake: FlourGirl Patissier

Bride’s Gown: Blush by Hayley Paige

Bridesmaids: Jenny Yoo Collection

Suits: Vera Wang

Invitations: Jessyca Scarpone Illustration

DJ: Musicbox

Makeup: Sara Miller

Placecards, Signage, Table Numbers: The Wildflower

**This wedding was shot by my amazing studio photographer, Melissa**


Just like the movie, everything about this greek wedding is big.  Big guest list, big wedding party, big yards of lace, big bunches of roses, big cake….big, big, big.  But more than anything, was the big, big love.  This was my second time capturing a wedding story for this family, and I have to admit, there was a smile plastered on my face all day long.  There is just so much happy, so much laughter, so much history swirling around these two.  Just when you think there couldn’t be more, that you’ve heard all the stories, seen all of the embraces – you turn around and there is somehow more.  It’s dizzying in that way that champagne goes straight to your head and forces out a giggle.


The Credits:

Ceremony Venue: Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church

Reception Venue: Concorde Banquets

Florals: Yanni Design Studio

Cake: The Baking Institute

Bands: Pindos, Alpha Tunes, George Manos, Cretan Dance Group

Makeup & Hair: Octagon Hair

Bride’s Gown: Vera Wang

Bridesmaid Dresses: Vera Wang

Men’s Suits: Emanuels

Bride’s Shoes: Manolo Blahnik


Now sits expectation in the air.

That’s Shakespeare, and it’s also handpainted on a sign as you enter Bjorklunden, the idyllic and enchanting wooded property where this wedding ceremony took place.  Such an apt epilogue to this day in Door County.  Family and Friends gathered on the peninsula to witness these two come together in marriage and party in celebration with them long into the night at About Thyme Farm.  For two lovebirds who met seemingly randomly in Mexico on vacation, it was only right that marriage start with such a relaxed vibe as well.




You know that feeling you get when you are snuggled up under a blanket by a fire, a mug of hot cocoa in your hand?  Take that, and mix it up with a great evening out with your friends – the kind of night where you can’t stop laughing, the stories flow freely and the food is legendary.  Add a touch of elegance, and that combination is exactly what Diana and Justen created for their wedding day in late fall at Villa Terrace.  When you have an intimate guest list you can do so many fun things for those select loved ones – like a kings table as long as the room, overflowing with candlelight, flowers, glitter and wine.  There was a moment when Diana, seated at the middle of the table, turned and looked down over the long line of candles and flowers to see two guests raise out of their seats to clink glasses – that right there was it – the moment that the day was absolute perfection.

villa_terrace_wedding_11villa_terrace_wedding-2villa_terrace_wedding-- villa_terrace_wedding--2 villa_terrace_wedding--12 villa_terrace_wedding_13villa_terrace_wedding--15villa_terrace_wedding_14villa_terrace_wedding_15villa_terrace_wedding--13 villa_terrace_wedding_12villa_terrace_wedding-5villa_terrace_wedding--16villa_terrace_wedding--14        villa_terrace_wedding_16villa_terrace_wedding--25villa_terrace_wedding--18villa_terrace_wedding_18villa_terrace_wedding--17villa_terrace_wedding_25villa_terrace_wedding-_-villa_terrace_wedding_24villa_terrace_wedding_20villa_terrace_wedding_19villa_terrace_wedding--4villa_terrace_wedding_villa_terrace_wedding--3villa_terrace_wedding--5 villa_terrace_wedding--19villa_terrace_wedding_17villa_terrace_wedding_-4villa_terrace_wedding--20villa_terrace_wedding-6villa_terrace_wedding_-5villa_terrace_wedding--21villa_terrace_wedding_-6villa_terrace_wedding_-7villa_terrace_wedding_-13villa_terrace_wedding_-11villa_terrace_wedding_-10villa_terrace_wedding_-9villa_terrace_wedding_-8villa_terrace_wedding--23villa_terrace_wedding_-15villa_terrace_wedding--22villa_terrace_wedding_-17villa_terrace_wedding_-12villa_terrace_wedding--24villa_terrace_wedding_-16


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The Credits:

Venue: Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum
Planner, Catering, Florals: Gracious Events
Pianist: Jessica Saronski
Harpist: Kate Ray
Lighting & DJ: Sound By Design
Makeup: Eicka Althruether
Bride’s Gown: Romona Keveza
Bridesmaids: their own
Groom’s Suit: Salvatore Ferragamo
Grooms people: their own
Stationer: Paper Envy
Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo





Aubrey is a woman with an assured sense of style.  I marveled at how she carried that through the plans she and Dave crafted for their wedding day.   Every choice, each detail was so undoubtedly them.  Antlers to nod to Dave’s love of hunting.  Sweet Baby’s Breath everywhere. Cookies from dear family members for dessert. Individual choices for each bridesmaid’s dress because Aubrey wouldn’t hear of anyone being not themselves, even for a day.  Getting ready time in spaces and among people they loved most – even Aubrey’s sweet nephew who clung to his Auntie before she got dressed.  And, who could forget the dress that was “so Aubrey” and revealed a big surprise for the reception!