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“Just stand there on the edge of the water….the waves look pretty far out”

“Okay, now kiss”

“Oh, wait, oh no!” (click, click, click)

Fits of giggles, some very wet jeans, and a photographer grateful we were at the end of the shoot already.

Sri & Kim_


It’s time to kick off wedding season in earnest….starting with Lisa & Jake this weekend at Whistling Straits!  My gear is tested and ready, and I can’t wait to document a wedding story!  It’s doubly nice to be starting the season off with one at one of my favorite venues.

If you are looking for an extra part-time job, and have an eye for fashion and an open ear, then you should check out the position open at Miss Ruby!  Erin and her staff are crazy nice, and I can only imagine, a dream to work with!

The truly lovely magazine Dainty Obsessions is also hiring!   They are looking for a sales manager.  I was lucky enough to be published in their beautiful tome once, and I was blown away by the gorgeous layouts, functional but beautiful design, and care and consideration Valerie puts into each issue.  I’m still wishing they included Wisconsin in their coverage so I could have my work featured again.

We took Mini to her very first movie-at-a-theater last week.  It was a stitch!  She enjoyed every second of the little adventure.  We chose the new version of “Cinderella”.  She insisted on a “cinderella bun” for her own hair before we left, and then ‘shushed’ us in the theater anytime we talked.  It was adorable!  The movie was fantastic by the way – utterly gorgeous in every way.  The production design and costume design are award contenders for sure.

Squeak has moved onto solids, which has been a fun adventure of peas, carrots and bananas so far.  Mostly all over us and her.  It is just a blast watching her discover new things.  Speaking of Squeak, I realized the other day that we never did an introductory blog post for her – so stay tuned for that tomorrow – long overdue!

Spring, Spring, Spring!  The little taste of warm weather last week was very nice.  Now if the trees would start to bud – we would be in business.   I’ve noticed the weeds in our yard are way ahead of schedule and growing, well, like weeds.  So, add that to the to-do list.  On a more positive note, the golf course is calling our names….

I stumbled on this TED talk about how mushrooms are going to save the world – it is totally fascinating, and well worth the 18 you’ll spend watching it.

I also found the series The Last Man on Earth on Hulu (it’s really on FOX).  The concept alone has me so thoroughly intrigued.  The show is sharp, funny and vivid too.

If you know photoshop, then you’ll find this video utterly hilarious.  Especially if you’ve been using it since the early days.

Have a great week!



The Oscars!  Such a gorgeous show this year.  I have a special place in my heart for this night.  As a former filmmaker it’s like stepping back in time a bit to surround myself with all things filmmaking for a night.  I’ve even seen a few classmates’ projects nominated over the years.  Anyway, I thought the set design this year was particularly gorgeous.  Lots of wonderful speeches too, with several memorable moments.  And “Glory” seriously brought down the house – I can’t imagine what it was like in person.  Now, if only we had time to see all the nominated films…

Squeak will be four months old at the end of this week.  Someone hold my hormones, because I might just cry on that day.  I think I’m more acutely aware of her growing since she’s our second.  I know what a little girl she will quickly become, and I want to treasure her baby-ness.  I keep reminding myself that all of the first year is awesome and fun and full of discovery.

Mini has been her usual spunky self as well.  Her imagination never ceases to amaze us.  If you check out my instagram feed, you’ll get glimpses of this from time to time.  Like today when a lamb was on bed rest in my office.  Ha!

I’ve been truly endeavoring to finish the “clean-up” from last year lately.  There are so many unfinished projects due to all of the craziness that was my pregnancy.  It’s exhausting.  I’m so tired of it, but I also know it will gnaw at me forever if I don’t get each of those things finished.  It’s just who I am – I will always remember that card I never sent or something silly like that.  This week’s big project is the office space in our house – cleaning and reorganizing.  I’m also hoping to finally send thank you cards and pictures as well as a treat to the Labor & Delivery floors at Froedert, and to my OB.  Long overdue!

Our wonderfully good friends over at fresh design were named to Martha Stewart Wedding’s Top 62 Floral Designers today!  Like, for real.  They are the only Wisconsin team to make the list, and I’m so proud of them I could positively burst!  Sue and her team are seriously talented, and if you haven’t found a florist yet for your wedding – they should be among your first stops.

I had another great snow engagement shoot this past Saturday.  The weather was pleasantly mild, we had a fresh coat of powder, and Sarah and Nate couldn’t be more adorable.  I’m really loving these winter shoots this year.  I’ve had three so far and all have had great conditions.  The light is awesome, and the alternate landscape is wonderfully challenging for my creativity.  If you are still in need of your session this year (I’m talking to YOU 2015 couples!), I’d love to do a few more snow sessions!

I’ve been thoroughly addicted to HGTV the past few months.  Maybe it’s a late blooming nesting period, or maybe its all the time spent feeding Squeak.  Either way, both Hubby and I are in-love with Fixer Upper.  We will for sure be contracting them one day to make our dream house.  Such an eye for design and function!

A late-running client last week meant that I had a little extra time in the Third Ward to kill.  So, I finally checked out Lizzibeth, a new shop there I’ve been hearing about all over my Facebook feed.  It more than lives up to the hype.  A well edited collection of clothing and accessories at very decent prices.  And, the space is super cute and flooded with natural light.  Large dressing rooms, and a full kitchen make it the perfect place to rent for your shower, bachelorette or getting ready on the big day.  Check it out!

Hubby and I had the fortunate opportunity to attend a tour at Lakefront Brewery given by the brewmaster himself, Russ Klisch.  It was less humor and basic beer-making and far more business and advanced brewing, and completely fascinating.  The story of how these two brothers grew a hobby into a business that now brews over 50,000 barrels a year is really interesting.

Just 41 days left until Opening Day people!  It isn’t spring until the Brewers take the field.

I recently discovered Thred Up, and just sent my first “Clean Out Bag” off to them.  I’m interested to see how it goes as far as selling the clothes that have been gathering dust around here.

iphone pics are all we have time for today.  So here’s a quick set of us Michel girls, and Mini’s trip to the salon for a trim…



**This wedding was shot by my fantastic Associate Photographer Melissa.**Kohler_wedding_-_



What happens when an Irish race-car driver meets a effervescent girl from the midwest?  Apparently a lot of world travel, enough stories to fill a romantic comedy, plenty of fun and games, oh, and heaps of love.  Heaps.  For Mandy and Peter, their wedding day was a perfect reflection of their relationship.  Fun, games, smiles, and love around every corner.

Kohler_wedding_Kohler_wedding Kohler_wedding_2 Kohler_wedding4 Kohler_wedding3Kohler_wedding_-_3Kohler_wedding_6Kohler_wedding15 Kohler_wedding14Kohler_wedding2Kohler_wedding_4Kohler_wedding7 Kohler_wedding6 Kohler_wedding5 Kohler_wedding_10Kohler_wedding17Kohler_wedding_13 Kohler_wedding_12Kohler_wedding18Kohler_wedding_14Kohler_wedding_-_4Kohler_wedding_17Kohler_wedding_15Kohler_wedding19Kohler_wedding_16Kohler_wedding20 Kohler_wedding_-_5Kohler_wedding_19 Kohler_wedding_9 Kohler_wedding_8 Kohler_wedding_7Kohler_wedding16Kohler_wedding_3 Kohler_wedding21Kohler_wedding_-_6Kohler_wedding23 Kohler_wedding_18Kohler_wedding8Kohler_wedding_5Kohler_wedding9Kohler_wedding13 Kohler_wedding11 Kohler_wedding10 Kohler_wedding24Kohler_wedding_21Kohler_wedding__2Kohler_wedding_25Kohler_wedding25 Kohler_wedding_20Kohler_wedding-_5 Kohler_wedding-_4 Kohler_wedding12Kohler_wedding__3Kohler_wedding-_2Kohler_wedding-_3 Kohler_wedding-_ Kohler_wedding_23Kohler_wedding__Kohler_wedding_22 Kohler_wedding_24Kohler_wedding__5 Kohler_wedding__4

The Credits:

Ceremony Venue: The American Club (courtyard)

Reception Venue: The American Club (Great Lakes Ballroom)

Floral: The American Club

Cake: The American Club

String Quartet: Gabriel’s Horns

Hair and Makeup: Blush

Bride’s Gown: Kenneth Pool

Bride’s Shoes: Liz Rene

Bridesmaids and Flower Girls: Dessy

Groom’s Suit: Hugo Boss

Groomsmen’s Suits: Joseph Abboud




I don’t think I ever blogged about the The Bridal Show at Overture from last fall.  This is a shame, because it was gorgeous, and I was honored to take part.  One day.  Anyway, I stumbled across my pictures from it the other day and just had to share this tablescape from the show.  It’s stunning, and so layered, I could have stared at it (and taken pictures of it) for hours.  It was by far my favorite for all of the unique touches, the whimsy and the event I imagined taking place within it.

Created by the stunning talents at:

Design & Floral: Daffodil* Parker Floral Studio

Linens: BBJ Linens

Cake: Chris’s Confections

Stationery: Sarah B

Rentals: Event Essentials


rustic_tablescape_2rustic_tablescape__ rustic_tablescape_ rustic_tablescape_5rustic_tablescape-_rustic_tablescape_3 rustic_tablescape_4 rustic_tablescape-_2rustic_tablescape_6 rustic_tablescape-_3rustic_tablescape_7


The Fourth.  It’s come and gone, yet again.  We survived.  Hubby survived.  He’s still catching up on his sleep though.  That will go on for another week before he’s back to normal.

Baby Girl had a great time with The Fourth.  She loved the parade – imitating the cheerleaders and dancing to the bands.  She thought the family party was great and got to play with all her cousins.  And, she got to spend the evening at the fireworks store with Hubby and all her “friends” (the workers there), which may have been her favorite part.  Here’s what our week looked like:


I’ve really been digging Kenny Chesney’s new song.  I wrote him off years ago when he started to churn out music that all sounded the same – song after song.  But “American Kids” is really great.

I found another great new (to me) band!  (Thank you iTunes Radio!)  They are called Jamestown Revival, and I’m very much loving their bluegrass-y feel.  The album on rotation right now for me is Utah, and it was recorded with just all of them playing together in a room – no headphones, no re-do of this section or that – just musicians doing what they do best and feeding off each other for a performance.  It shows, and it’s awesome.

Premium Outlets in Pleasant Prairie now has a Kate Spade store!  I’m a well versed addict to the brand, so this is pretty exciting.  Yes, I’ve already been and No, actually didn’t buy anything.  Shocking, I know!  Okay, well, I bought a phone cover, but not a purse – which is where the addiction really lies.

I’ve been burning through engagement sessions on the blog here lately.  Have you seen them?  Each one is an awesome story of two people, love and all their fun quirks.  Scroll down if you’ve missed them!

It looks like this fall will be chock-full of travel.   I have to say I’m not at all disappointed in this.  Trips to San Francisco, New York, Napa, Washington D.C. and of course, Door County  – all filling up the calendar.  If you are looking to have a session this fall and live in those areas – let me know so we can schedule it!

We are in search of a “big girl” bed for Baby Girl (guess that means she needs a new nickname).  I’m dreaming of a vintage wrought iron bed – maybe full or double size.  I’ve been scouring the flea markets, but if you see something, please let me know.  I saw the perfect one last year at the Elkhorn Flea Market – scrolly, turquoise/aqua paint, perfect patina.  But I didn’t buy it because we didn’t need it yet.  Now, I’m kicking myself as that’s what I’m looking for and I’ll never find it again.

I hope your holiday weekend was awesome!  Happy Monday!



It’s been awhile. Let’s catch up!

So, So, SO excited that my pal and associate photographer, Melissa, is flying in on Wednesday!  The countdown has been on for a week around here.  We haven’t seen our “Aunt Mo” for about seven months, which is way too long!

We’ve been making fairly stead progress in the yard with all the nice days.  I have a small portion of the backyard jungle under control, which is a battle won, but certainly not a war.  I’ll soldier on with my pale green thumb.

Father’s Day is this weekend.  It’s Hubby’s busy time, but I’m hoping we can carve out an hour or two to celebrate with him regardless.

Baby Girl has developed a sudden and severe aversion to bugs.  Ants mostly, but all bugs get her screams.  We are working hard to get her over this.  Summer in Wisconsin + a home in a wooded area = lots of bugs.  We’ve been singing bug songs, reading bug stories and exposing her to them as much as possible.  It’s getting better, but not gone yet.

I found this awesome organic sunscreen via Food Babe.  I’m excited to give it a try!

Hubby’s fundraiser cookout went quite well.  It was a good time, raised funds, he got to light off a bunch of fireworks, and Baby Girl got to dance to the band.  All in all, goals met!

It seems like road construction completely surrounds me.  The only route out from our house that isn’t under construction (if I drive carefully) is between us and the Studio.  But then, once I get into the third ward – construction everywhere.  I know it was a rough winter and the roads badly need the attention – but this is getting as tiresome as the winter salt/buckling/snow.

Orange is the New Black is back on Netflix, which is good because I was running out of good tv for occupying my left brain while editing.  Now to pace myself.

The last few weeks have seen some awesome engagement shoots!  We’ve been all over – Kohler, Wollersheim Winery, and each time with gorgeous weather to accompany the fun couples!

I’m sure you’d prefer a blog post full of pictures, so I’m tying this one up here, so I can work on something more in that vein!  Have a great week!


BIG THANKS to everyone who voted in the Best of 2013 contest.  We had a great turnout, and it was a blast to see the lead change hands so many times and the couples battle it out for first place.

It’s still winter.  Just in case any of you were wondering – though it seems no matter where you live in the U.S. right now, it is colder than usual.  For us Wisconsinites, we got a fresh layer of 4 inches this morning, and are expecting two more tonight.

I’ve always found it funny how much cheeseheads gripe about winter.  You live in Wisconsin – it is going to be cold for at least 4 months.  So, I don’t see the point in complaining until at least late March.  This year, everyone seems crankier than usual.


The great majority of my photographer friends are currently in Vegas for the annual WPPI conference.  It’s killing me not being there with them for the fun, new toys and of course the parties.  It was a necessary sacrifice this year to not go, but seeing their tweets and instagrams is biting a bit.  Miss you all!

Speaking of Instagram…..I finally got an Instagram account for m three studio!  If you want a true behind the scenes view of all that is weddings, photography, traveling, eating organic, and most everything else I am, follow me here!

That Instagram account is also the first place you can see a tiny glimpse of the brand new addition to the m three team.  My long-time assistant Ashley and her husband Eric gave birth yesterday.  I was blessed enough to be there to capture it all, and I can testify how deeply jealous I am of the utterly perfect birth experience they had, and the incredibly beautiful little man they welcomed.  I know she is my assistant, because she gave me gorgeous natural light for the whole experience – as only a good photo assistant would!  CONGRATULATIONS!

One of the big downs about this winter is how cold it has been.  Too cold to play outside.  So two weeks ago, when it was 40 degrees for one day, Hubby and I bundled Baby Girl up and got her outside for some snow time, and for some pictures.  I, of course, haven’t edited them all  yet, but here’s one to bring a little toddler sunshine to your day:



The Oscars were pretty fantastic.  Beautiful gowns, super funny host, great social media tie-ins, touching speeches and wonderful wins!  Don’t shoot me, but I totally don’t get the whole “Let it Go” obsession.  It’s a nice song to be sure, but why is it SO popular?  Maybe I need to see the movie.  And, Idina Menzel was totally amazing before her role in Frozen, but I guess you’d have to be a Wicked fan to know that.

I’ve been on an organic/local food/no chemicals sort of mission for a couple of years.  But I recently stepped up our game after discovering the site Food Babe (which is amazing!).  The amount of processing, chemicals, metals and other harmful ‘whatever’ in the food we eat every day is staggering and frightening.  There just isn’t any end to the depth of this.  Say you don’t want to eat GMOs.  Well, it’s not enough to stop with your cereal (for example), you also have to think about your butter (also for example).  Because likely it is made from milk made by a cow who has been fed grain full of GMOs.  So you are getting it that way.  Ugh.  Anyway, I found a great spreadable butter recipe that made me feel a whole lot better about this change.  Now onto the next thing in the fridge – our bread.

One of my former brides announced she is battling Hodgkins Lymphoma.  She made this announcement with a pink mohawk (just before buzzing her hair off).  This is the typical pluck and quirkiness I have come to expect from Kara.  She has a great attitude, and has decided to focus her attention and energy towards doing good during her treatment, instead of fixating on that big “C” word.  If you have a few extra bills and would like to help her out, donate to her 5k team for Saved by  Whisker, and keep her motivated during treatment!

Big announcement coming on the blog this week!  If you follow me on Facebook, you likely have a good idea what it is!


Have a great week!



Maddy & Kyle had an interesting start.  They met at Trinity Bar, when both of them jockeyed for a front row spot as Zach Wade jammed on stage.  Kyle saw how the fun-loving dark-haired beauty’s eyes sparkled when she smiled,  and so he bought her a beer.  She, being the whip-smart independent girl that she is, refused it.  She wasn’t going to be the one picking up a guy in a bar.  It turns out though that Kyle is as tenacious as Maddy, and he grabbed her arm as she scooted away, and insisted she give him the time of day.  A couple of beers, a few dances on the dance floor, and a mutual love of the same music later – Maddy had picked up a guy in a bar.  Fast forward a year or two, and Maddy & Kyle had gathered all their favorite people for a sentimental, cheery and most of all, FUN, wedding celebration.Wisconsin_club_wedding- Wisconsin_club_wedding__Wisconsin_club_wedding-3Wisconsin_club_wedding--6Wisconsin_club_wedding__3Wisconsin_club_wedding-16Wisconsin_club_wedding-2Wisconsin_club_wedding--2 Wisconsin_club_wedding--3Wisconsin_club_wedding-15Wisconsin_club_wedding--4Wisconsin_club_wedding--7Wisconsin_club_wedding-17Wisconsin_club_wedding__4Wisconsin_club_wedding--8Wisconsin_club_wedding-20 Wisconsin_club_wedding--5Wisconsin_club_wedding-18Wisconsin_club_wedding-21 Wisconsin_club_wedding-22 Wisconsin_club_wedding--11 Wisconsin_club_wedding--12Wisconsin_club_wedding--13 Wisconsin_club_wedding-23Wisconsin_club_wedding__5Wisconsin_club_wedding--9Wisconsin_club_wedding--14 Wisconsin_club_wedding--15 Wisconsin_club_wedding-19Wisconsin_club_wedding--16Wisconsin_club_wedding-6 Wisconsin_club_wedding-8 Wisconsin_club_wedding-9 Wisconsin_club_wedding-24 Wisconsin_club_wedding-25Wisconsin_club_wedding-_ Wisconsin_club_wedding__6Wisconsin_club_wedding--18 Wisconsin_club_wedding--19 Wisconsin_club_wedding-_2Wisconsin_club_wedding__7Wisconsin_club_wedding--20 Wisconsin_club_wedding--17Wisconsin_club_wedding-_3Wisconsin_club_wedding--21Wisconsin_club_wedding--22 Wisconsin_club_wedding-_4 Wisconsin_club_wedding-_5Wisconsin_club_wedding--23Wisconsin_club_wedding__2Wisconsin_club_wedding-10 Wisconsin_club_wedding-11Wisconsin_club_wedding_Wisconsin_club_wedding-4 Wisconsin_club_wedding-12 Wisconsin_club_wedding-13 Wisconsin_club_wedding-14Wisconsin_club_wedding--24 Wisconsin_club_wedding-_6 Wisconsin_club_wedding-_7Wisconsin_club_wedding--25 Wisconsin_club_wedding_2 Wisconsin_club_wedding_3 Wisconsin_club_wedding_4Wisconsin_club_wedding-_8Wisconsin_club_wedding_5Wisconsin_club_wedding_6Wisconsin_club_wedding_8Wisconsin_club_wedding_7Wisconsin_club_wedding_9Wisconsin_club_wedding_10Wisconsin_club_wedding__8 Wisconsin_club_wedding-_9Wisconsin_club_wedding_12Wisconsin_club_wedding__9Wisconsin_club_wedding_11Wisconsin_club_wedding-_10Wisconsin_club_wedding_13Wisconsin_club_wedding-_11Wisconsin_club_wedding_14Wisconsin_club_wedding-_12Wisconsin_club_wedding-_13Wisconsin_club_wedding-_14 

The Details:

Ceremony: Trinity Episcopal Church

Reception: Wisconsin Club

Cake: Simmas

Cupcakes: Delicately Delicious

Band: Zach Wade Project

Makeup: Beauticianzillas

Favors: Cake and Bake


It’s the height of wedding season, everyone I know is hitting mid-season burnout, so really, who can keep track of what day of the week it is?  So, Miscellaneous Tuesday it is.


I have 100% given up on the weather reports.  They haven’t been reliable since early spring really.  And this last Saturday was the last straw.  In six years, I have never had a ceremony rained out, never had not be accurate on their hourly predictions.  Until Saturday.  10% chance it said for 11am, 12pm, 1pm.  Ashley and I didn’t even take the umbrellas out of the car.  We didn’t even glance at them.  10% in Wisconsin might as well be 0%.  And it was gorgeous, sunny, and warm…right up until Raechael and Matthew’s guests were sitting down.  That was when it started to sprinkle, and then pour.  Thunder, buckets of rain.  Their lovely outdoor ceremony on the Lake Park Grand Staircase had to be moved inside.  Everyone rolled with it – the Lake Park Bistro staff snapped into action, their officiant rearranged everything in the blink of an eye, and before we knew it, vows were being said right in the middle of the dining room.

The weather report was wrong, again.  As it has been over and over all Spring and Summer.  So, I’ve decided all reports, radars and predictions are now useless.

On the flip side, Raechael and Matthew learned a valuable lesson about marriage in their first minutes.

Hold on to each other, and you can weather any storm.

Boardwalk Empire is back.  Hubby could  not be more excited.  I love the show, but I could really do without all the violence.

In short, the 110th celebration for Harley-Davidson was great.  In length, it didn’t blow us away.  Maybe we are older and more jaded.  Maybe we weren’t drinking enough.  The concerts were great.  Awesome, totally amazing.  The organization was good.  The marketing was truly fantastic.  We just felt like the branding could have been stronger.  The summerfest grounds looked kind of sloppy and haphazard.  There were A LOT of missed opportunities to create experiences to further the brand, the lifestyle.  I’ll do a separate blog post about it all when I get arond to editing my pictures.  (Yeah, so in January)

I serendipitously got involved with Save the Eschweilers recently.  I’ve always loved those buildings, and many of you have had your engagement photos taken on the grounds surrounding them.  There is a group looking to rehab the buildings and turn them into a Forestry and Ecology school.  They were originally a school, so this is all too fitting.  I got the opportunity to meet the leader of the group, get a tour of one of the buildings and do some photography for them.  I’ll be doing more photography work for the cause in the coming weeks as well.  I’m not going to lie, getting full access to an “abondoned” buildling – kind of my dream.

If you want to help with the efforts, please check out their facebook page.  They have cleanup days every other Saturday.  And they need your support with the Wauwatosa Common Council in getting funding for the project.  You can send an email to all of the representatives, and show up for the meetings. I sent the emails out today – it took me 5 minutes.  Check it out and lend a hand!

Football season is upon us.  I have to admit, Baby Girl looks awfully cute in her Badgers and Packers gear.

Speaking of Baby Girl, I think we are ready for potty training. I’m going to give the three-day method a try first.  Keeping my fingers crossed for that one.

We have our own family photo session coming up in a couple of weeks.  Such experiences are good for me – to feel what it is like on the other side of the lens.  And, I’m terribly awkward in front of a camera, so it’s good to remember so many others feel that way too. But recording this part of our lives is important.  Not just for us, but for Baby Girl too.

The studio has been Busy.  Yes, the capitalized kind.  Fall engagement and family shoots are ramping up, the final push of wedding season, all of the summer weddings still to be edited, designed, distributed.  Oh yes, and the push to complete as many album designs before the holiday printing deadline as possible.  A good illustration?  I’m typing this from the car as Hubby drives me to Madison for a meeting.   Some days it feels like we have a handle on it all, others like we are just keeping up.  No matter, we soldier on!

I should get to blogging a few engagement shoots and weddings for your viewing pleasure.  Have a great week!