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One week, 24 couples, over two thousand votes, and several leader changes, we have a winner in the “Best of 2016” Contest!

Taking the title are Sandy & Cain, with their late-fall wedding at The Enchanted Barn.  This DIY extravaganza has love oozing from every detail, all crafted by Sandy herself.  And their sweet-as-pie pups are the very best attendants.

Hot on the heels of Sandy & Cain in the voting were Bri & Adam and Diana & Justen.

It was a fun race. Thanks to all who voted, campaigned and revisited these fabulous stories!  Each of you deserved to win.  This contest is all in fun, and I hope you know I was honored to capture each and every one of these stories.


Wedding season kicks off in earnest for us this year in June.  So it seemed timely to take a quick look back at all the awesome couples we captured in 2016.  You guessed it – it’s time for the annual “Best Of” voting!

Call your friends, write to your family, and get out the vote for your favorite wedding of 2016!

The top vote getter wins a Fuji Polaroid Instax Camera to capture their next adventure with fun and energy.  Just a little ‘something blue’ for the years ahead (see what I did there?).

…and, Hint, Hint……we aren’t leaving the voters out of prizes either!
(Pay attention to Instagram, I’m just sayin’)

The Fine Print:

-Voting runs for just one week – Today thru 11:59pm on May 31st.

-Voters are recognized by cookies, and you can vote once an hour.

-The results are hidden, but we will be updating the standings periodically on Facebook, Instagram,
so be sure you are a following us in those places to get the latest totals!

VOTING at the bottom of the post. 

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all 24 of these couples who trusted us with their stories last year.
It was such a humbling and memorable experience to walk in step with each of you!
Couples are listed below in alphabetical order by the Bride’s name, and are linked to their full wedding blog post for your reading pleasure!

#1 Aubrey & Dave

Ceremony at Christ King Church
Reception at The Barn at Pioneer Acres

#2 Briana & Adam

Ceremony & Reception at Beringer Winery

#3 Brittany & Matt

Ceremony & Reception at Rustic Manor 1849
milwaukee art museum wedding

#4 Caitlin & Steve

Ceremony at Gesu Parish
Reception at Milwaukee Art Museum

#5 Dana & Ryan

Ceremony & Reception at Milwaukee Art Museum

#6 Diana & Justen

Ceremony & Reception at Villa Terrace

#7 Emma & Spence

Ceremony & Reception at Villa Terrace

#8 Jenna & Drew

Ceremony at Bjorklunden
Reception at About Thyme Barn

#9 Jessica & Michael

Ceremony & Reception at The American Club

#10 Katie & Mickey

Ceremony & Reception at Discovery World

#11 Kristen & Dan

Ceremony at
Reception at the Harley Davidson Museum

#12 Kyle & David

Ceremony & Reception at Milwaukee Country Club

#13 Lauren & Mark

Ceremony & Reception at Whistling Straits Irish Barn

#14 Meg & Nick

Ceremony at a Private Residence
Reception at East Bay

#15 Michelle & Kyle

Ceremony & Reception at Gordon Lodge

#16 Nicolette & Jason

Ceremony & Reception at The Barn at Pioneer Acres

#17 Nikki & John

Ceremony & Reception at The Pritzlaff

#18 Notah & Kosta

Ceremony at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church
Reception at Concourse Banquets

#19 Rekha & Chris

Ceremony & Reception at Milwaukee Marriott Downtown

#20 Sandy & Cain

Ceremony & Reception at The Enchanted Barn

#21 Shawna & Trevor

Ceremony & Reception at Lake Park Bistro

#22 Stacey & Sean

Ceremony & Reception at Milwaukee Art Museum

#23 Sue & Justin

Ceremony at St. Mary’s Catholic Church

#24 Vanessa & Matt

Ceremony at The American Club

Reception at The Lodge at Blackwolf Run



That’s what I always call it when I finally get to talk with one of my far-flung Besties.  “So good to catch up!” we will always chime, as if the minute details of our daily lives that we just exchanged are what makes us friends.  Really, the fact that we can go weeks without chatting and pick up right where we left off, that’s the real stuff our friendships are made of.

So, let’s catch up, shall we?

Incidentally, if you’d like to chat on the regular – we can be email buddies.  Subscribe to my weekly newsletter and get the 411 on all that I’m up to, what I made for dinner last week, and what’s on my editing tv, as well as some other randomness.   Click to sign up!



The obvious first:  It’s Spring!  Finally, right ?!?  I’m still surprised to look out my office window and see green filling the frame.  Now is also about the time I start feeling like I’m already behind on yardwork and our garden.  So you know here I’ll be this weekend…


Speaking of far-flung Besties….I had the unique opportunity to surprise my little girls with a visit from their “Aunt Mo” (you know her as my often talked about studio photographer, Melissa).  We met up in Chicago, had lunch on a boat on what was likely the most perfect early spring day.  Squeak is still talking about the “big boat!” and how much fun they had.  If you’ve ever heard me talk about my oldest, you know she is rarely without words.  Seeing her Aunt Mo open the car door left her rarely speechless, and that was pretty fun to witness too.



May is full of events for us this year.  Mini will graduate from pre-school, both girls are in their ballet recital, we have our own 10th Wedding Anniversary (squeee!), this little studio of mine is celebrating 10 years (!) and Hubby’s busy because Summer Untapped is Memorial Day weekend.  He has some pretty exciting announcements coming for that event – follow along on facebook and instagram if you are the beer and music loving type.



Have you seen “The Handmaid’s Tale” on Hulu?  Oh my, it is soooooo very good.  The story is riveting.  And well, disturbing in a way that sticks with you for awhile.  And the cinematography and art direction – just gorgeous.


We had the first round of Spring Mini-Sessions a couple of weeks ago.  Lot of giggles and energy with so many mini-humans running around the studio.  Next weekend is the outdoor sessions, and we still have a couple of spots left.  If you want one – shoot me an email!  It’s a great deal, and the perfect Mother’s Day gift – A 30 minute session at the Botanical Gardens, 10 digital files with printing rights and an online gallery – all for $250.


If you’ve caught my Instagram Stories, you know I’ve been testing out a new idea…yep, totally going to be vague on that for a bit.  Because it’s a “when there’s extra time” sort of project.  But watch my Insta Stories and you might get more peeks at it…



Well, I should split.  I’ve promised my little ladies a mushroom hunting trip today…



I thought you might enjoy a little behind the scenes peek into the how and why of our new website.  This new site is just the first piece in a brand refresh you will see unfurling across all our platforms in the coming months.  What you see from me from now on will be aimed at a classic, personal, sophisticated look with just a touch of gold and sass.

This is year 10 for m three studio. (I know, can you believe it?!?), and it was time to polish things up a bit.  We’ve come a long way in 10 years and over 300 weddings.  I have it all saved in archive – from that first (now cringeworthy) wedding in 2007, the old logo, the old business cards (multiple versions), the rebrand in 2009, and now a refresh on that in 2017.

(A little peek at the past incarnations of m three studio)

My brand and my work have always been side by side. Sometimes one jumps ahead of the other and we have to do some leveling off.  Such is the case now.  The old website was lovely, but it didn’t fit as well anymore.  The sleeves were a little shrunken, the neckline had lost it’s shape.  It was comfortable, but I’ve never been a big fan of comfortable artistically.

I wanted a site that touched on a lot of my “Why”.  For me, being a photographer is such an honor.  I’m asked to record special moments in someone’s life story.  But I’m also asked to be part of that experience to a certain extent.  It’s an honor I don’t take lightly.  We put a lot of work into crafting that experience, and the photographs we create.  I know my work becomes part of my client’s family history – and so the site is a nod to that.  I’m shooting for the silver frame with every click of my camera.

The new website also touches on my storytelling focus.  I’m a former filmmaker and animator.  Storytelling has always been there for me as an artist. It’s another “why” for me.  It’s what drives me to photograph.  It’s what drove me to draw, to print, to paint.  There was always a story to tell. There still is.  This is why you see a set of full wedding days to peruse in the galleries – not just a collection of my best pictures.

I’ve added a fun page introducing you to my AH-mazing studio photographer Melissa.  She’s been photographing for m three studio for years – picking up dates I was already booked for.  You should check out her page, and her sweet pup Phoebe too.

There’s much more ahead!  Next up is a new and shiny blog – which has been a long-time coming, as we outgrew that look and threw it in the “too small” bin years ago.  After that, we will be full steam ahead on an Anniversary celebration of sorts.  Because 10 years is amazing!  I’ll for sure pull some more out of the archives to share and embarrass myself with too.

We are also adding a newsletter!  I’ll be featuring some stories on there that you won’t see elsewhere from me.  But it will also be a great way to keep up with all we do and create.  There might be a recipe or kiddo picture in there from time to time, and some other randomness.  You just never know.  Newsletter subscribers will be the first to know about special sessions, sales and other events.  You can sign up here, I hope you do!



Spent last Thursday night hanging out with the wedding vendor crowd at Cuvee Champagne Lounge.  I was honored to be a part of their Open House.  We met some wonderful new clients, photographed the fashion show and chatted up several of friends of the florist, baker, caterer and music variety.   Made a few new ones too!  It was just a really nice evening and I left feeling like I had been to a great cocktail party.


Tried out a new cookie recipe as a gift for a friend.  They are so delicious!  I shouldn’t be surprised since the recipe hails from The Pioneer Woman.  Now that I know it rocks, I’ll be working on decreasing the sugar content and keeping the flavor.  Let the honey substitution experiments begin.

Mini went to another class at the Milwaukee County Zoo.  These are a special treat, and we love them so. Right now she is at the age where we attend with her, so I can testify to how well done they are. Creative, engaging, organized and so well paced.  It’s clear the educational staff at the zoo have this down to a science, and the kids are the beneficiaries of that.  You should check them out if you have a munchkin!

I was cruising the Norstrom sale section lately and stumbled up on this gorgeous frock.  Please someone snatch this up.  Either as a rehearsal dinner dress, engagement session outfit, or maybe even for a sweet elopement?

Squeak is working hard at figuring out how to walk.  She basically can, she just needs the confidence to let go of her little walker.  I have to admit – holding her chubby little hands and watching her toddle about below me – some of my favorite moments.

I loved the Super Bowl half-time show (and so did the girls).  I know there has been some flack over Coldplay not being the right choice.  I’m a big fan, so I’m biased,  but I thought it was great.  And Beyonce – that girl knows how to leverage an appearance, that’s for sure.

Hubby started a new blog!  If you like craft beer, you should really check it out.  It’s brand-new but he has big plans for it.

Well, I better get started on Mini’s valentines for her first ever Valentine’s Day exchange.  Remember that?  Oh, so cute….



It’s been awhile since we’ve grabbed a cup of hot cocoa and chatted.  So, with it almost being December and all, I figured, it’s time.  So much has happened this fall, it’s hard to even figure out where to start.  Bear with me…

Squeak turned one.  ONE!  People, this is crazy talk.  I feel like her first six months crawled by, and then the second six months were a mere blink really.  She’s still an absolute joy – just sunshine with spiky hair and a two-tooth smile.  She’s cruising along the couch, standing against anything that will hold still for a nano-second and this morning she conquered climbing up the full flight of stairs.  Oh how I love this age!
misc-1004 misc-1017

I attended my first field trip as a “chaperone” with Mini.  I think her favorite part was riding on a real school  bus.  She was giddy over it!

Halloween was rainy, but a blast all the same.  Let’s start with the fact that I wasn’t in the hospital this year for it, and actually got to walk around the neighborhood with my kids.  I hardly noticed the rain and cold for the joy that I felt in the simplicity of just being there.  Mini was the Tooth Fairy and Squeak was a tooth (by request of Mini).  We carved pumpkins, and I told Mini I would carve whatever she drew.  Never one to let such a promise go by lightly – she threw down quite a challenge, but it was fun to create!


We went to Boo at the Zoo this year too.  It was cold, but fun.  We didn’t do costumes since they would be covered up by warm layers anyway.  But, it turns out the girls’ warm weather gear looks a bit like costumes.


(marked this photo with my copyright for safety, but I didn’t take it – it was the kiosk at the zoo)

I totally bought the cheesy Kiosk photo because, we are all looking at the camera, and that is harder to pull off than you would think!

Everyone asks if things are “winding down” in fall for me.  It’s the exact opposite. Fall is still chock full of weddings, and then we add on fall engagement shoots, re-energized wedding planning with new couples, family shoots in the foliage, albums that have to be ordered in time for the holidays, and on and on.  Be nice to your fellow photographer – they are pulling a lot of late nights.

There were so many gloriously warm fall days this year!  I took advantage of just one of them and went to one of my favorite spots in Milwaukee for some ZOMG fall color with the girls (and my sister and nephew, who aren’t pictured).  We took photos, hiked in the woods, collected sticks, pretended to go on a bear hunt, and ate a picnic lunch in a sea of leaves.  It was glorious, and a much needed break from fall craziness.

misc-1014 misc-1013 misc-1012 misc-1002

I finished off fall with a trip to Phoenix.  I went to help out my associate photographer Melissa with a wedding at the Four Seasons Scottsdale.  It was so beautiful, and 80 degrees felt downright delicious.  The rest of my trip was rainy and kind of cold, but we made the most of it.  If you want to see our adventures in Sedona, you have to check out my instagram account.

Next year is already over half full on the calendar for weddings!  I know the holidays are approaching, but the early bird gets the worm on this sort of thing.  We were part of the Overture Bridal Show a couple of weeks ago and met a bunch of awesome couples.  We’ve added several exciting couples and plans to the books already, I’m eager to see how the rest of the year will shape up.

Hubby and I carved out a rare evening on the couch and actually sat down and watched a movie.  We are sorely behind on such things – we haven’t even finished the latest season of House of Cards.  Our choice was “Pitch Perfect 2”.  Not bad.  Not amazing either.  Funny, but it felt like they were just cramming in as much music as they could, and then built the story around that.

We were quite successful with Thanksgiving celebrations this year.  Often, we have so many places to go that are so far flung, we are stressed and running all day.  This year though, two of our celebrations were within a mile of each other, and the timing worked out perfectly.  We made it to three parties, all perfectly timed and had a fun, relaxed time, even with two kiddos missing their naps.  Win!

Tomorrow is December first, and as Mini keeps reminding me, it will be time to start her advent calendar.  And with that, the quick slide into the Holidays.  I hope your ride is full of thrilling highs and loops, and at just the pace you like for the next month!  Catch you in 2016!




It’s been awhile since we’ve just chatted.  Let’s catch up!

Highpoint of this past weekend was definitely running into an old friend at Brandie & Joe’s wedding who I hadn’t seen in years.  Just loved that I got 10 minutes to chat with him and catch up a bit.  And, meet his brand-new baby boy!

It’s cold now.  Cue the complaining.  I’m one of those people that don’t mind the sweaters, boots and crispness.  Though I admit, I could go for a few more weeks of 60-65 degree weather, but we all knew the temperatures weren’t going to stay forever.  The plus side is at least this means the leaves are changing.

My dear friend (and one of my associate photographers) Melissa was in town for her last visit of 2015 just two weeks ago.  We had a wonderful time, as usual, and the girls soaked up plenty of “Aunt Mo” time to hold them over until the next visit hopefully.

This coming weekend one of the m three studio family ties the knot, and I can’t wait to capture it! So excited for Sarah & Nate’s (she’s one of my assistants) big day!

Hubby had a record harvest fair, and is a busy bee planning and scheming for next year already.  If you want to check out some of the fun, you can search for their hashtag: #microharvest on both Instagram and Facebook.  We spent as much time playing in the hay, bowling pumpkins and riding the carousel as we could too…despite Squeak’s nasty cold. Here are a few shots of the girls:

harvest-1001 harvest-1002 harvest-1000


(yeah, her hair is real.  It’s like a dandelion and won’t lay down.  We’ll actually be kind of sad when it finally does.)

It’s October.  Take a deep breath.  For us, that means our little Squeak is turning one.  ONE!  I’m in such disbelief.  I know every parent says that, but I think all the craziness of last year made this year just zoom by in comparison.  We are busy with planning her first birthday party and trying to wrap our brains around her even being that old.  Ah, time.

We’ve also been diligently working on halloween costumes.  Mini decided she should be a tooth fairy and that Squeak should be a tooth.  We figured this is the last year she can get away with dictating what her sister’s costume will be in conjunction with her own, so we are rolling with it.  Now to figure out how to make a tooth….

TV is back.  My culling and editing hours have been much improved!

Mini started soccer this fall.  I though tiny ballet slippers and leotards were adorable last year.  I was wrong – way cuter are tiny shinguards and cleats!  It’s such a blast to watch her learn a sport I loved so dearly all my childhood.

Five weddings left for 2015.  Bring it on!





When Veil magazine asked me to shoot the cover for their 10th Anniversary issue, I was more than flattered.  And to be honest, a tad bit scared.  The shoot was a blast though, and the results were stunning, if do say so myself.  Just the other day I was cruising down the grocery store aisle when I stopped in my tracks to see my work staring back at me from the newsstand!

Many, many thanks to the friendly Veil staff for all their hard work and energy, the gorgeous models, and all the contributing vendors – you all made this such a fun experience!


In addition to the fashion spread, you’ll see two m three studio weddings featured inside with extensive interviews with the bride & groom!  Both Stephanie & Brian and Carolyn & Brendan’s beautiful wedding days are featured.

veil-- veil--2 veil--4

And there’s a little story about me too….go get your copy now!  Or stop by the studio, and I’ll have one ready for you.



The results are in, and the Best of 2014 has been determined.  After an avalanche of votes, we have everything tallied.

There were five couples who stayed in the lead for most of the contest period, switching places throughout each day.  When it was all said and done, the top spot walked away with 24% of the total vote!  And the rest weren’t far behind.

>>>>Drumroll Please….<<<<

First Place: Ashley & Tim!



Second Place: Mandy & Peter!



Third Place: Christina & Chris!



Congrats to the winners, and a big thank you to all who voted!



BestOf Graphic2014


When I think back about last year’s weddings, or really any wedding I’ve shot (and even though it’s over 200 I remember them ALL), it’s always the stories that stand out in my memory.  Yes, there are gorgeous details, to-die-for dresses, and truly inspiring locations.   But what really keeps me running after the next shot is the story.  No matter how many times I witness a wedding day, it is never, ever the same because of the stories.

Below I’ve highlighted a defining moment from each of last year’s weddings.  It’s up to you to click thru on the name of the couple to see the rest of the story.

And of course….scroll down to the bottom for the rules, the prizes, and to VOTE!


Allison & Bryan
Milwaukee Athletic Club Wedding

A first look is often one of the best parts of any wedding day.  For these two, it was a privilege to witness.  Bryan waited nervously in the hallway as the bridesmaids cleared out of their suite.  When he walked in, his reaction to seeing his stunning Bride was priceless.  (you’ll have to click over to their blog post to see it).  But this moment right here, as they headed out for pictures, that look on Bryan’s face as he helps Allison with her dress.  That says it all.  Such pride, such love, such excitement.



Charlotte & Jason
The American Club Wedding

For these two, their wedding was as much about joining their family together as it was about the couple.  Jason’s four children had been integral in kickstarting their engagement.  So, it was only fitting that one of them serenaded the two as a surprise gift during dancing.  Certainly a moment none of them will ever forget, and possibly the best welcome a stepmom could ever get.



Jessica & Nick
Gesu Parish Ceremony and Wisconsin Club Reception

I’ve seen a few Brides do this –  a first look with their Dad.  It’s so sweet, and such a great idea if you have a great relationship with your Father. Jessica clearly does, and her first look with her Father is a real tear-jerker.  There was clapping, laughter, squeals of joy, and a few happy tears.



Mandy & Peter
The American Club Wedding

I love asking couples about their mate because you can learn so much about them, how they feel about each other, and who they are as a couple from the way they describe the other person.  When we arrived for the day in Mandy’s suite as her hair was being done, she was sitting very quietly.  There wasn’t the clatter of girlfriends swapping stories, or questions and answers flying around about the day’s plans.  The air was calm, like the eye of a storm.  When the hairstylist asked her how she and Peter met, it was as if someone flipped a switch.  Her smile was bright and beaming and the air filled with the love she expressed easily for Peter.



Anne & Ian
St. Francis Ceremony, Pier Wisconsin Reception

I’ve been known to ask wedding parties to do some pretty crazy things in order to get to the images I’m seeking.  Not this wedding party.  I turned around to capture the group with a Milwaukee skyline backdrop and found instead that they had started their very own dance party and were rapping along together even.  Easily one of the most entertaining wedding parties ever!



Christina & Chris
St. Paul’s Church Ceremony, Milwaukee Athletic Club Reception

Christina’s nieces enjoyed their jobs as flower girls with fervent joy.  This little one though, she embraced it so fully – even assisting their florist Emily with the church decor before the ceremony.  She already had everyone charmed before the organ even began to play.  But it was this moment where she ran back to her aunt for one last kiss before running down the aisle – that stole my heart.



July & Michael
Whistling Straits Wedding

Your siblings are your built-in friends for life.  That couldn’t be truer for July and her brother, who busted out a custom dance routine together in place of the traditional father-daughter dance.   It turns out an elegant Monique Lhullier gown dances very well….



Maura & Sean
Whistling Straits Wedding

I often get misty-eyed behind the lens at a good father-daughter moment. Perhaps it is because we have little girls, one of whom is so clearly a “daddy’s girl”.    Sean adores sweet Emma so completely, his whole body lights up at the mere mention of her.  So, this father-daughter first look was especially sweet, and I thought it was so awesome that Maura & Sean crafted this moment to include Emma.



Ashley & Mike
Quivey’s Grove Wedding

Unabashed love will get us every time.  When Mike took the microphone for a toast, the last thing Ashley expected was a heartfelt toast to her.  By the time he was done, there wasn’t a dry eye under the tent.



Erin & Eric
Grand Geneva Wedding

It’s hard to pick just one funny moment from this wedding day.  But I think the song Eric wrote and performed for Erin as a toast, it truly took the cake.  The ukelele was just icing.



Kate & Taylor
Elkhart Lake Wedding

Photography obviously captures moments.  It’s a serious bonus when the act of photographing can create a moment for a client.  At the end of their portrait time, we climbed up a creaky, winding staircase inside one of the crumbling lime kilns on this property, emerging in the sweet breeze (oh so sweet – we were so hot!) several stories over the cocktail hour.  I remember pretending to fiddle with my camera for a few moments while Kate and Taylor surveyed the party below.  It’s a perspective most couples don’t get to have of their wedding – and seeing everyone all at once – gathered just to celebrate you – I hope it’s something they never forget.



Megan & Mike
Lumen Christi Ceremony, The Waterfront Reception

I just loved the way that these two took five minutes and centered themselves before their ceremony.  A prayer with their wedding party (the two of them hiding around a column to preserve the first look tradition) set the tone for the hour, and day to follow.



Ashley & Tim
Grace Episcopal Church Ceremony, Madison Club Reception

Every once in awhile we help create a moment.  All it takes is a nudge to put someone or something over the tipping point and a memory is in the making.  Ashley’s Dad was hovering outside the vintage car she was hiding in, a bit nervously, waiting for the moment to take her into the church.  A signal from the church lady left him stumbling for action for a split second.  So, I said, “Open the door for her”.   He probably doesn’t even remember that someone told him what to do.  But I love the moment that followed.



Terren & Shane
Stella Maris Parish Ceremony, Garden Gables Reception

“Molly, she cried when I got there”.  This is what Melissa told me when we chatted the night of Terren & Shane’s wedding for our traditional recap of the day.  “Oh no,” I replied “What was wrong?”  “Nothing.  She was that happy to see us!”  Having a client cry upon our arrival out of sheer joy that her photographers had arrived – that’s a first.  I think it was just the last piece of the puzzle that morning.  The event that made it all real.  Such joy and excitement over getting married was apparent all day.



Meg & Rob
Over the Vines Wedding

Meg and Rob are wonderfully present people.  This moment, where Megan’s Mom is giving her reading at their ceremony – most people stare at the reader, or maybe at the ground.  Meg and Rob closed their eyes and breathed the moment in.  You can see Rob internalizing the words, and Meg basking in the love (and sunshine) of the moment.  Theirs was a day that struck you deep in your soul and sat there – building a fire.  This moment is just one reason why.


Brooke & Nick
New Holstein Wedding

I don’t think I’ve ever met a bride as wonderfully positive as Brooke.  She is always beautifully happy.  And never more so than on her wedding day.  This Bride beamed from ear to ear through every breath of their wedding day.  When they skipped down the aisle after saying “I do”, it was an exuberant metaphor for their day.



Jen & Jeremy
Whistling Straits Wedding

You just can’t beat belly-busting laughter during a wedding ceremony, and Jen & Jeremy’s is no exception.



Li-Na & John
Villa Terrace Wedding

Li-Na read a poem written by her Father, in his native Chinese as a reading during the ceremony.  It was a love poem, and something about hearing her voice, twisted into new sounds gave it extra weight.



Monica & Nathan
Pier Wisconsin Wedding

As a photographer, I do get a front-row seat to almost every moment of a wedding day.  But there is still an inside experience that the Bride and Groom have, that we can’t be privy to.  Monica and Nathan were obviously having their own day, and they shared it with little whispers throughout, that we sometimes managed to capture, like this one.



Carolyn & Brendan
St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church Ceremony, Villa Terrace Reception

It was this moment during Carolyn & Brendan’s first look that took my breath away.  The morning sun was still low over Lake Michigan and illuminated the first look brilliantly.  It felt like these two were getting a true moment in the sun.



Jennifer & Jimmy
St. Monica’s Catholic Church Ceremony, Pfister Reception

The picture on the right below is actually from a moment I don’t describe in full in the blog post.  Jennifer hid a little private joke in their cake design, and this is the moment that Jimmy discovered it.   I just adore his expression – it speaks to so much joy, and such a deep connection.



Kerri & Brent
Harley Davidson Museum Wedding

This was an absolute blast to shoot – such joy, celebration, energy, and color!  I adored this high-energy grand entrance and it suited this couple so perfectly.



Shannon & Brandon
Door County Wedding

I loved this moment from Shannon & Brandon’s wedding for the absolute pure joy of it.  When you plan your wedding in a whirlwind three months, the finality of managing to pull it off – such accomplishment!



Cassie & Casey
Woodwalk Gallery Wedding

When Cassie and her siblings spontaneously broke out into song at their reception, I knew we were in for a really good party!  Please let my children enjoy each other this much…



Jenny & Pat
Viansa Winery Wedding

Jenny and Pat’s wedding plans were dreamlike, almost a fairytale.  Run away to a beautiful Napa Valley winery and marry amongst a weekend of pure fun.  This moment right here, this is where it became real.



Lauren & Aaron
St. John Vianney Catholic Church Ceremony, Janesville Country Club Wedding

If you could forget for a moment that you are viewing this image on the internet – it could be 1952.  Lauren was a modern Grace Kelly for her wedding day – and perhaps in real life too.  She has such a presence that feels as if she fully owns herself, and puts that forth in tot he world with care for the presentation.  This moment – such elegance in an ordinary moment – that is what their day was.



Stephanie & Brian
Overture Center Wedding

There are a lot of great moments from Stephanie & Brian’s wedding, but its hard to beat a flash mob of singers that show up at your cocktail hour.



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