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May 4, 2017

That’s what I always call it when I finally get to talk with one of my far-flung Besties.  “So good to catch up!” we will always chime, as if the minute details of our daily lives that we just exchanged are what makes us friends.  Really, the fact that we can go weeks without chatting and pick up right where we left off, that’s the real stuff our friendships are made of.

So, let’s catch up, shall we?

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The obvious first:  It’s Spring!  Finally, right ?!?  I’m still surprised to look out my office window and see green filling the frame.  Now is also about the time I start feeling like I’m already behind on yardwork and our garden.  So you know here I’ll be this weekend…


Speaking of far-flung Besties….I had the unique opportunity to surprise my little girls with a visit from their “Aunt Mo” (you know her as my often talked about studio photographer, Melissa).  We met up in Chicago, had lunch on a boat on what was likely the most perfect early spring day.  Squeak is still talking about the “big boat!” and how much fun they had.  If you’ve ever heard me talk about my oldest, you know she is rarely without words.  Seeing her Aunt Mo open the car door left her rarely speechless, and that was pretty fun to witness too.



May is full of events for us this year.  Mini will graduate from pre-school, both girls are in their ballet recital, we have our own 10th Wedding Anniversary (squeee!), this little studio of mine is celebrating 10 years (!) and Hubby’s busy because Summer Untapped is Memorial Day weekend.  He has some pretty exciting announcements coming for that event – follow along on facebook and instagram if you are the beer and music loving type.



Have you seen “The Handmaid’s Tale” on Hulu?  Oh my, it is soooooo very good.  The story is riveting.  And well, disturbing in a way that sticks with you for awhile.  And the cinematography and art direction – just gorgeous.


We had the first round of Spring Mini-Sessions a couple of weeks ago.  Lot of giggles and energy with so many mini-humans running around the studio.  Next weekend is the outdoor sessions, and we still have a couple of spots left.  If you want one – shoot me an email!  It’s a great deal, and the perfect Mother’s Day gift – A 30 minute session at the Botanical Gardens, 10 digital files with printing rights and an online gallery – all for $250.


If you’ve caught my Instagram Stories, you know I’ve been testing out a new idea…yep, totally going to be vague on that for a bit.  Because it’s a “when there’s extra time” sort of project.  But watch my Insta Stories and you might get more peeks at it…



Well, I should split.  I’ve promised my little ladies a mushroom hunting trip today…


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