Cassie & Casey | Engagement


Jun 18, 2014


She was a typical midwestern girl, working hard in college during the school year, spending her summers at “home” waitressing, dating this guy or that, none of them sticking.  On another typical night, hanging out at work after shift with some friends, she saw him walk in.  She kept her eye on him as he moved about from one group to another, smiling, laughing, clearly charming and fun.  He was the manager’s brother, she knew that.  She’d heard a lot about him, and now she was intrigued.  Her friends chatted away around her but she kept an eye on him.  “Cassie… to Cassie…..” said her friend across the table, waving her hand in front of her.  She snapped back to the girls, “What’s that?” she asked.  “You are lost in your own little world!” her friend exclaimed.  Cassie took a sip of wine.  “See that guy over there?  In the blue?  I want a guy like that.” she stated, with enough conviction to make more of  a sure thing than a wistful dream.  And sure thing it was, Cassie and Casey have been inseparable ever since. 

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Can you handle just one more glimpse at snow?  I promise Cassie & Casey have a beautiful summer wedding planned in Door County this year, but for their engagement we went as far from that as possible.  Snow, wine (okay, that part not so far from Door County) and a stop at the restaurant where they met, all in the middle of winter.  It’s a fun contrast to their plans for sure.  So indulge me with a little snow in the middle of June here, because this session isn’t to be missed!engagement-_-- engagement--_ engagement--_3 engagement--_5engagement--_4 engagement--_6 engagement-_--4engagement--_8engagement---2engagement-_--5engagement--_7engagement---3engagement--_10engagement-_--6 engagement--_9 engagement---4

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